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The Great Cock war - Page 1 - The Great Cock war - By Thibs - Overview
This is an Interactive RP game. Please at the very least read the instructions to play.

The Great Cock War

You wake up in a strange place. It seems like a place you’ve been before but different somehow. You know the situation, you're just waiting for the trial to begin. Suddenly a large voice boomed over the landscape. “A Champion has fallen!” He boomed “You have all been named as his potential replacement. I am the head of the Council tasked with over seeing that only the strongest man be able to succeed him. For a thousand years he reigned at our emperor’s side, a champion of all forms of man with a cock that even the Gods would envy.” The Voice paused. “You have all been selected to battle to become the new champion of our mighty empire. Only one of you can ascend to such a noble calling. You have been sealed into this magic world created solely for this contest.”

“If you look on your left leg you will see a glowing tattoo.” The Voice said. “That colour will be your name for this Cock war. If you can't tell, it is inked directly onto the tattoo. Your goal is to turn your one colour tattoo into a rainbow like every Champion that has ever existed. How do you do that you ask? You must defeat your rivals and milk their cocks into submission. Then you must devour them with your cock. The victor will claim the loser's body as well as his colour. The title of eternal Champion will be given only to the man who obtains all 100 colours on his way to the top. The tattoo's you've all been given are what give you this ability as well as the ability to be absorbed by others.” His voice trailed off. “You have chosen this path of sacrifice to become something greater than what you are. To become a Cockwarrior for your Kingdom!”

“You have been sealed within this magic world. The miasma that traps you here is inescapable. Your tattoos will sustain you. No need for food or water, but it will also make you all very horny young men. Straight, Gay, Bi. None of it matters here. Until you complete your rainbow, you will thirst for release. An orgasm before you churn a man is certain death so masturbate at your own risk. A man can only be cockvored within 15 minutes after his orgasm. This includes after you've churned a man and cummed out his remains so be careful where you do battle. Only the smartest and strongest man will succeed. You have all be carefully collected from across the Kingdom’s various races, you are the same age range 18-35 years old, same thin build and you will all be speaking the same language that was another gift of our tattoo. You have one week to absorb all of your rivals. After that we will send in members of our organization to start herding anyone left to a central area.”

"In this world you are protected from physical death in any way save from another man’s scrotum. However you can and will suffer damage and when you’re defeated you will be left to the mercy of your rivals. Pick your battles wisely."

“Let our Great cock War begin anew! Good luck contestants!”



-You win by being the last man standing
-No killing anyone outside of Cockvore
-When a competitor has an orgasm they will immediately suffer from Orgasm Weakness. Orgasm Weakness paralyzes a competitor for 15 minutes.

Differences to Cockvore Royale
This interactive has a fantasy element through out it. While Cockvore Royale is based more in a nitty gritty no holds barred contest, this one has magic and the ability to stab someone with a sword and not kill them.

-Unlike Cockvore Royale where the spawn locations were fixed, everyone starting a new story will have the locations/Competitors randomized. Meaning two people can play the same colour without fear of the game being the same since the men you encounter will be totally different.

-While you can simply attack foes erotically you can also defeat them physically. When a competitor is defeated they fall unconscious for several rounds depending on the severity of the hit.

-Characters in the Great Cock War can only carry two items at a time. However there are multiple items that can either be worn on your person or imbued into your character that don't count towards this total.

-Explore/Scavenge actions can result in multiple items being found but only one item can be taken per Explore/Scavenge.

-Status conditions exist in this game.


These effects will almost always be helpful to use and dangerous to have used on you.

-Magic- Spells can be learned by your character in one of two ways, either finding Tomes or absorbing spells from defeated Rivals. Magic can only be cast once per day/night cycle but this can be reduced with your Willpower Stat. Intellect determines how effective the spells are when they cast. Some competitors are natural mages and have unique spells as their trait. You can only learn one spell per each element of magic.


Character Break down(Colour/Name goes here)
Race- Which Race a Competitor is
Description- A brief description of the contestant
Trait- A special ability usually based around a competitors skills
Assimilated Trait- When you absorb a competitor you can choose if you would like to assimilate their Trait. You can only ever have one Assimilated trait and once you forget one you can never get it back. Also to note when you assimilate a trait you will also change your body by randomly absorbing 2 appearance traits from them.

Skills-Skills are absorbed from digested competitors. Every point over 1 will give you a full point in that skill. A Skill of 1 will only give you .5 of a point. While everyone is capable of doing just about anything, trying to do something you're not skilled at can lead to failure which can mean death.

-A character with low strength trying to subdue a stronger target.
-A character with low Speed trying to outrun a faster target
-A character with low Intellect trying manipulate someone smarter than you
-A character with low Willpower trying to get someone off who has higher Willpower.
-A character with low Charisma trying to maintain an alliance is more likely to be betrayed.

Strength- Strength determines how physically strong you are. Helpful for fights, subduing/grappling, lifting objects. Also effects Melee weapons
Speed-Speed determines how fast you are and how well you are able to hide/sneak. Also effects how fast you recover from Orgasm Weakness. Also effects Ranged Weapons
Intellect- Intellect is used for working out complex tasks, item use, problem solving, Magic casting, and finding items
Willpower-Willpower determines your endurance and ability to shrug off injuries. Also slows Eroticism growth.
Charisma- Charisma determines your ability to charm, lie, seduce and maintain alliances/relationships. High Charisma also increases Eroticism of others(Both Actively and Passively).

Height-All starting heights will be between 4' and 6'
Eyes-Eye Colour
Hair-Hair Style
Hair colour- Pretty self explanatory
Skin Tone- Skin colour
Body Hair- Light Medium and Heavy to various parts of the body
Dick size- No size will be above 6" at the start
Distinct features- Can be anything that makes the man unique. Varies from species to species.

Conditions-In this game you need to manage your stats because failing to do so can lead you to an untimely end.

Tattoo colours- - This is where you can always see how many colours you've managed to acquire through the Royale.

Cleanliness- Your Cleanliness will slowly decrease through your adventure. The dirtier you are the harder things will get. Your Energy will start to deplete faster, Injuries can get worse, Eroticism will go up faster(Both Actively and Passively). Use access to running water to clean yourself up.


Energy- Energy is essentially how many actions you can take before needing to rest or sleep. Both Strength and Speed will decrease the rate of loss. When your energy hits 0 you'll pass out from exhaustion where you stand so it is better to get somewhere safe before sleeping.

Injuries- Injuries can happen when things don't go your way and many of them will stick with you unless you take the time treat them. A wound will have a status from Green(Meaning nearly healed) to Red(Meaning severe). Injuries can reduce your chances of staying alive a lot so don't neglect them.

Eroticism- This stat determines how aroused you are and how close you are to an orgasm. This stat will increase gradually over time. It will also increase fast when being manually stimulated through sex acts. When it's getting high it may be time to duck somewhere safe and rub one out. Keep in mind Orgasm weakness will happen even when you're the one doing the tugging.

Firm Chub-40%
Full erection-70%
Rigid erection-80%
Raging Hard on-90%


Step one: Choose your competitor.
Find a character that suits you. All the men selected had similar body shapes and sizes so there are no major size/stature advantages. No man will be over 6 feet tall, and their dick sizes all start off 6" or below. You can choose someone based on their trait or their country. There's 62 so there's plenty of options.

Step two: Signal for an update.
This Interactive plays more like an RP game than a true Interactive story. When you want me to update your chosen path, please message me with the story path you want to take.


The Great Cock War->Red-> Update please, Thibs, 19/11/21

That way I know to go in and write the story and update it for you. Once it's finished I will message you to let you know so you can go in and continue or backtrack as necessary.

Game over- Sometimes you might die. You can then either choose to play as the man who absorbed you, or simply backtrack and try a different branch.
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