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O'leon - Page 1 - First Page - By ouphe - Overview
This story contains graphic sex, rape, vore, and other such painful or potentially unpleasant things which you have been googling for quite some time, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Consider that the disclaimer. You have now been disclaimed.

Welcome to O'leon. This mayhem-filled world has been the cause of many unfortunate deaths, and promises to have a tumultuous future as well.
Keep things fantasy-logical, and reasonable spelling please. I will be trying to update as often as I can, so don't gripe if a few days pass without improvement please ~_^
But that's about it, have a story, eat anything that complains loudly, and remember to carry a sharp stick everywhere you go!

So, what are we playing with today?

By the way, (TBC Soon) means that page will be continued upon as soon as I get the chance.
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