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Giant Anthro Exchange Program - Page 1 - Giant Anthro Exchange Program - By alockwood1 - Overview
Based off of Etp102's "Journey to a New World" over on Deviant Art. Feel free to check it out.

The year is 2030, or so. An Invasion from beyond the stars happened. Giant animals showed up, abducting people left and right - eating them, inserting them into their sexual organs, and other such things. There was chaos and destruction.

However, as it turned out, these Invaders were actually a few overzealous members of a group of Anthrons that had been designated as Host Families for a select group of humans as part of an Exchange Program. Turns out, they were so thrilled at being selected for this honor, they forgot to ask, "So, when are we allowed to pick them up?" and simply rushed off, not realizing that the humans had yet to be told of the situation that they were about to find themselves in.

Thankfully, the damage was minimal, no one was seriously injured, so thanks to a skilled Anthron diplomat, not to mention gold, gems, and of course offering to help with repairing the damage, the Exchange Program soon began properly.

As part of the Program, which involved the exchange of technology and culture, of all kinds, 100,000 humans had been pre-selected to go to the Anthrons, with 100,000 Anthrons coming to Earth in exchange. The idea was that it was to be seen as something akin to a vacation with a rather large tax write-off. Attempts were made to keep families together, parents with offspring, and all participants over a certain age. Of course, during the initial rush, it's possible that extras might have been snatched by accident.

Rules -

1. Spelling and Grammar - we should all know how to do this by now.

2. Anthrons tend to share the same size-scale as their Earth counterparts. By comparison, humans are mice-sized. This as lead to them being called "Naked Mice", due to their lack of fur, with most calling them mousies.

3. Any Vore is allowed, but keep sexual-based vore scenarios away from the younger ones - 17 years and older are fine. Vore is to be Non-Lethal, for the most part, with the Prey being released.

4. Anthrons have access to Reformation technology. This is useful in situations where they do digest their Prey. Said reformation gives them a new body, free of illness or injury - useful in cases of things like cancer or missing limbs.

5. Anthrons have access to Transformation and Size-Changing technology. Useful for switching things up between larger and smaller Anthrons on occasion, or changing one type of Prey into some other type of Prey - Human to Mouse for instance.

6. Most Anthrons tend to go without clothing, save for belts that hold pouches for items, although some wear human-styled clothes. Humans living among Anthrons are given a special unitard that not only protects them from the elements, it also helps protect them from injury, and allows the Host Family to more easily locate them.

7. Diets of Anthrons are basically the same as their Earth counterparts. There are also regular animals in their size range, which is useful for carnivorous Anthrons.

8. Any questions - PM me.

9. I'm not a fan of Red Links - I'll give you 72 hours to come up with something, before I remove it. I'm also not a fan of Looped Links, or whatever that Duplicate Path thing is - please, do not put those in - I'll remove them, as I don't find them original.

It has been six months since the Exchange Program started. 100,000 humans and 100,000 Anthrons have essentially switched places, as by now, homes for Anthrons on Earth have been built. Just as the humans on Anthron are staying with Host Families, the Anthrons on Earth have Human Guides helping them out.

Whom to follow?
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