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Giant Anthro Exchange Program - Page 109 - Do Nothing, Just Watch - By Nomad3628 - Overview
Gregory decided to do nothing. He did not know anything about the situation. Even if he knew that the police chased criminals on Earth, it was up to them to get them.

And there was another factor that if he intervened he might cause some trouble. He was human-sized at the moment and the process of growing needs some time to get back into his good old size.

Gregory decided to just watch.

As the car passed by at high speed, Gregory could see what kind of people were in the vehicle. Pretty much normal-looking people in fact. He saw movies made on Earth and they mostly show criminals pretty distinctive. Big guys with black leather jackets and most of them were bald. Or skinny-looking guys with drug addiction.

One thing was for sure. He can always wonder how different things are when you experience them yourself. As the police cars also drove by after the first car the alien asked.

"What do you think what happened?"

"I don't know. Pretty much anything could have happened. Most likely they robbed a store or something."

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