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Giant Anthro Exchange Program - Page 110 - Asking Sarah if he did the Right Thing - By alockwood1 - Overview
Gregory looked at Sarah. "Did I do the right thing, by doing nothing?"

"Sometimes the hardest thing you can do in a situation like that is to do nothing," said Sarah. "If your life, or my life, was in immediate danger, that would have been one thing, or if the police asked for your help to stop them, although most try to avoid doing that as they are suppose to tell regular civilians to stay out of harms' way. Otherwise, you risk a certain amount of legal trouble, which, in your case, would be a huge amount."

"Oh, okay," said Gregory. "Still, they just looked like ordinary people."

"The problem with criminals in real life is that anyone could be a criminal," said Sarah. "Some of the worst ones are those you wouldn't even suspect of being a criminal. Conversely, some of the best people to know are folks who look like they should be locked behind bars."
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