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Giant Anthro Exchange Program - Page 132 - Tilt the Car - By Nomad3628 - Overview
Gregory brought the "whole" car above his open maw. In his wide open maw, strings of saliva stretch between his teeth. Beneath his uvula his throat opened up wide too to receive the humans. It was like a hungry abyss that demanded the little naked mice.

Gregory, the giant alien grey wolf started to shake the car a little. It made the humans scream. Some demanded their mom. Some just screamed incoherently. Some pleaded for mercy.

Regardless, the Anthron wanted some meat.

They yelped and flailed, clawing at the air. Plunging into a living pink pit. They landed harshly on Greg’s tongue, and his jaws snapped shut soon after, sealing them in moist darkness. Immediately, they were assaulted by the appendage. The moist muscle coated them in saliva. Every single inch of them. On the face of the giant alien wolf, pure bliss was evident. The tongue swilled them from cheek to cheek, rolling them over every taste bud. Pushed against the roof of his mouth, they could hear every glurn and churn of his mighty body.

Living and breathing people were in his mouth, each with a different taste. He had already eaten mouse Anthrons back on his home planet, but this was different. While most mouse Anthrons had a similar hairy taste, here, there were exceptions.

Furthermore, there was the feeling of power. He could have done anything to them.

Chew them and feel the irony taste of their blood and organs. Grind their flesh and bones between his teeth.

Or swallow them whole and alive so he could feel how they move in his stomach in total panic.

These options could have been wonderful.
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