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Giant Anthro Exchange Program - Page 38 - Movie Trailers - By alockwood1 - Overview
"She was looking for a good male to have fun with. He was looking for love in all the wrong places."

"When they had a big problem, they got someone small."

"By Day, he was a mouse. By Night, he was a human. By Day, she was human. By Night, she was a mouse. Can they make it work?"

"Okay, what's with these Human-Anthron movie trailers?" John asked, as he looked at the computer.

"I think that's how these sites afford to stay up," said Susan, as she looked for a place that would accommodate them. "As for the movies, I think it's part of the whole Culture Exchange program."

"Alright," said John. "Are you sure that you can find a good movie in the theater? We could watch one on the TV."

Susan chuckled. "Theater popcorn is better."

"You got a point," said John.
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