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Takeaway - Page 21 - You are woken by food being delivered - By FurryTastyTreat - Overview
Watching mousemeat cook over a fire is hypnotic. The chef turns the spit gently, but says nothing. Your eyelids get heavier and heavier with each rotation.


The first time you realise you've fallen asleep is when that nap ends. Gone is the fire that lulled you unconscious, replaced by a black screen. It's not just you that fell asleep. Your laptop is now in hibernation.

Knocking at the door brings you fully round. All sleepiness is banished.

'It's MouseyMeat! We've got your takeaway,' a familiar voice yells.

For the first time in hours, you get to your feet and stumble to the door. When you open it, you find Kelsey the chef standing behind it. There's a short and wide box laid across her hands.

'You're the chef,' you tell Kelsey.

'Yes, I am. The kitchen gets a bit hot, so I like to step out for deliveries every now and again,' Kelsey explains.

When you take the box from Kelsey, you find it's lighter than you expect.

'I hope you enjoy him. I enjoyed cooking him,' Kelsey says.

With that, Kelsey turns and ambles back to her vehicle. As she opens her car door, you close your front door.

Once you've sat on the sofa, you set the box down on the coffee table and open it up. Warm, smokey aromas drift out. Laying on a bed of lettuce is that mouseboy you saw cooked. His ears and tail are nicely blackened.

As he's a small treat, you could gulp the mouseboy down whole. You could also eat him in little bites. What would be the most fun way to enjoy this treat?

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