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After the Were War - Page 1 - After the Were War - By alockwood1 - Overview
After the war with Weres, society rebuilds.

Werewolves, werebears, werecats, wererabbits, were-whatever – once thought to be myth and legend. They were real. They’d hidden among humans. Many would quietly help out, or just hide what they were. They were content with the way things were.

Others were not content to be idle. They came up with a plan, a plan for control – businesses, manufacturing, banks, and politics. These were the Masters, as they called themselves. This plan took years. They pulled it off. They revealed that Weres existed, that they were Weres, even publicly shifting into their Were-form. Many of the other Weres complained about this exposure, but at least many didn’t have to hide what they were.

However, it was their real policies that caused an issue – they decided to make humans Slaves and Pets (the better behaved ones at any rate), with those that opposed them being declared Livestock. This didn’t go over so well. The Were War broke out soon.

The Masters controlled the military weapons, as well as the means to make them, along with civilian weapons manufacturers – Winchester, Colt, Remington, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Berretta, and many more. They even controlled the means to make civilian vehicles – Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Vespa, Harley Davidson, and many more. They also had a force known as the Secret Claws, who were ruthless towards those who opposed them. The Masters expected the war to end in their favor easily – it didn’t. A Resistance was formed, comprised of military that was more loyal to the people than the administration, as well as armed civilians, because, it seemed that that someone forgot to factor in already existing hunting weapons, as well as the various tools that could be used as weapons.

That being said, both sides had those that could be seen as traitors or turncoats. There were humans that joined the Masters, eager to be rewarded to turn their fellow humans into Slaves, Pets, or even Livestock – they were the Fanatics. Then there were the Weres that joined the Resistance against the Masters. These Weres risked a lot – the Secret Claws didn’t just execute Dissidents, they’d kill their family, and any humans in their care would be turned into Fertilizer Immediately. These particular brave Weres that stood up against the Masters and their allies were called the Fifth Column.

Other Weres that supported the Resistance, yet couldn’t get involved – due to what would happen to their families if caught – ended up taking care of non-combatant humans, in the form of either Slaves or Pets. It was Illegal for humans to not have an owner – masterless humans were quickly declared Livestock.

Those that were declared Livestock were placed on special Farms, ones run by Masters, and forced to make the Masters’ favorite type of meat – that of humans. Trying to escape from these places was punished harshly. Those who were lucky enough to be declared Slaves or Pets might get owners who were secretly aiding the Resistance.

For twenty-five years, the war went on, mostly in a stalemate, neither side making any real headway against the other. This ended when the Secret Claws, including their leader, decided to attack a Resistance cell that was comprised of humans, only, as it turned out, a significant number of this cell were Weres, and more Were rebels were coming. The commander of the Secret Claws was killed, their head displayed on television for all to see. This encouraged the mass uprising of sympathetic Weres, as well as the average human slave, pet, livestock, or “feral”. This, along with raids upon the various hidden Farms and Prisons that had been discovered upon going through the higher leveled Secret Claws files eventually resulted in the overthrow of the Masters.

What happened afterwards made the Nuremburg trials seem small by comparison. Conducting the trials fairly was difficult. The results were that most of the higher ranked Masters were either executed or sentenced to life without parole. This also included higher ranked Fanatics and Secret Claws members. A certain amount of clemency was granted towards those who’d been forced to serve the Masters. The trials lasted 2 years.

Society tried to rebuild. While Weres had been given the same rights as humans, there was resentment, and even fear, by many humans, especially those that had been forced to deal with the Masters directly. Those with family ties to the Masters, Secret Claws, or Fanatics, were looked at with suspicion, even if they hadn’t been involved with the crimes their relatives had done. In some areas, Weres are shunned, being looked at as being, well, monsters. However, in areas where it was known that most Weres hadn’t been on the side of the Masters, acceptance came easier.

It has been about fifteen years, since the war ended. Those who grew up knowing the war, now try to raise children during this time of peace. Can the calm of peace heal the wounds of war?

Rules –
1. Spelling and Grammar are a must.

2. Weres can transform Humans into Weres by placing them in the womb of a female Were. Transformation takes a week, with the human turning into the sort of Were that they are in the womb of. That being said, it’s possible for genetic material from any male Were that the female Were has sex with to cause an alteration in regards to the transforming human’s new race. That being said, this is usually only done if the human would otherwise die from a mortal injury, preferably with their given, or implied, consent. The transformed human must them go through a special form of therapy, in order to control their new abilities, among other things.

3. Weres have no problems swallowing human-sized meals whole. While the usual such-sized meals are things like sheep, goats, small pigs, deer, and other more conventional livestock or wildlife animals, Weres are legally allowed to consume humans for certain reasons – such as for a funeral, or to execute a highly dangerous criminal, or similar reasons – although said consumption must be reported.

4. I'm not a fan of Red Links – I'll give you 72 hours to come up with something, before I remove it. I'm also not a fan of Looped Links, or whatever that Duplicate Path thing is – please, do not put those in – I'll remove them, as I don't find them original.

5. It’s not uncommon to find Weres, who are veterans of the Resistance, who don’t like being a Were – especially those who were human, and had been turned into a Were due to Injury, having a Fanatical family member/s cause them to be transformed, or had lost family to Weres during the war, among other such reasons.

6. It’s possible for Weres and humans to have children together – whether or not the child is born a Were or human depends upon the species of the mother. Likewise, Weres of different types can also have children, although the looks of said child could vary from looking like one parent or the other, or a blend of some sort.

7. Weres can be killed by decapitation, or massive body damage, such as repeated stabs to the heart and lungs. But, it’s possible for a Were to recover from serious injuries by eating a lot of meat.

8. It’s possible for a human to spend time in a Were’s stomach, or womb, with no issues, although there is a time limit – 30 minutes in a stomach or an hour in the womb. After that, things become risky, one way or another.

9. Households with Weres tend to be set up to help accommodate their needs. This includes having cooking appliances that can hold large meals, large ovens/stoves to use for cooking, enhanced floors and furniture, and a powerful garbage disposal-like system installed in the bathrooms to help deal with large meals, especially bones from sheep, pigs, deer, goats, cattle, and other such animals – said disposal system requires pressing a button to activate it, and has a special heat/pulse detector to reduce the odds of accidents.

10. Any kind of Were is allowed, aand might go by different names – Werefoxes might be called Kitsunes, Weretigers might be called Rakshasa, Werewolves being called Lycanthropes, and so on.
If there’s any questions, PM me.
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