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After the Were War - Page 16 - Granddaughter's Skunk Boyfriend - Thomas - By alockwood1 - Overview
Zachary placed the gun on the table, along with the cleaning kit. The first thing he did was to make sure that the gun was unloaded, and that no ammunition was nearby that could just jump into the barrels. It might seem silly, but there were those that tried to clean loaded guns and ended up in terrible situations. Then, he undid the forend, set it on the table. Then, he removed the barrels. Then, he took a brush, and attached it to the cleaning rod.

He was about to sent the rod down one of the barrels, when he smelled something familiar. It was an acquired scent, to say the least.

He stood up, and walked towards the door, just as there was a knock.

He looked from a spot in the window to check, and then opened the door.

There was a skunk, a wereskunk.

"Hello, Thomas," he said. "Why are you here?"

"It's about Rachal, Mr. Snyder," the young skunk said.

"Is she hurt?" Zachary asked.

"Oh, no!" Thomas exclaimed. "She's with my sister, doing girl things, you know."

"Shopping for women's clothing and such?" Zachary asked, as he went back to cleaning his gun.

"Yes, sir," said Thomas.

"Drop the sir part," said Zachary. "What do you want, in regards to my granddaughter?"

"Well, to be honest, I'd like to marry her," the skunk said.

Zachary glanced down the now cleaned barrels. "I hope I have enough oil," he said. "Gun's like a woman. You take good care of her, and she will take care of you." He resumed cleaning the rest of the firearm. "So, you want my permission to marry her. Why?"

"Because you're the one that raised her," said Thomas. "Given what happened to her folks."

"I remember killing them that did it," said Zachary. "Do you think that you're good enough for her?"

"I believe I am," the skunk said.

"What about your folks?" Zachary asked. "They got any requests?"

"They would like to have at least one wereskunk grandchild, which is near impossible, given that Rachal is human," said Thomas. "Still, even that's not too tricky. I have a friend who can help out there, who is in a threesome relationship between me, her and Rachal, and yes, Rachal knows, and has fun with her."

"Good," said Zachary. "Can't say that I was overly religious - my second wife was Jewish, and the priest that married us was one of those so-called Satanists, not that it mattered much - he was a good man, all things considered. However, while I'm not a fan of the multiple wife or husband thing, if that's how you make things work, good for you." He soon finished cleaning the gun. He looked at Thomas. "You make sure that she's happy, or I'll add another crack to this gun."

Thomas chuckled nervously. "Understood, sir," he said.

Zachary chuckled, as he walked the gun over, and hung it up. "I told you to drop the sir part. I wasn't an officer."
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