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After the Were War - Page 25 - Bonding with Future Gandson-in-Law - By alockwood1 - Overview
Zachary looked back at Thomas. "To be honest, I was hoping that something like this would happen," he said. "Stay here - I got something for you."

Thomas nodded. "Yes, Mr. Snyder."

Zachary smiled. "At least you're not calling me sir."

He walked over to a room, and picked up a long box. He walked back to the table, and placed the box onto it.

"This is for you," he said.

Thomas looked the box over. "Are you sure?"

"Family tradition, when one became an adult," said Zachary. "I gave my children something similar. Okay, they were ones stolen or refurbished by the Resistance, that their commanders were to give to them, but I asked to do it, to try to maintain that connection. I wish that Jacob was the one doing this, but, well...."

"I understand," said Thomas.

"A philosopher once said, 'In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons,'" said Zachary.

"Herodotus, right?" Thomas asked.

Zachary chuckled. "At least they teach about him," he said. He looked at Thomas. "Well son, open it."

Thomas used a claw to slit the packaging tape. He then carefully opened the box. Inside was a new double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun. "You know, most other shotguns can hold like five or more shells."

"Nothing wrong with those," said Zachary. "Used plenty of pump and semi-auto shotguns in the war. However, this helps you to be accountable for each shot you make. Of course, if in dangerous areas, make damn sure that you got a backup weapon - trust me on that."

"Personal experience?" Thomas asked.

Zachary nodded. "I lost my grandfather because of Weres. They saw him as an old man, one who was weak. I sent them to Hell. I sent a lot of Weres, and Fanatics, to Hell."

"I'm sorry about that," said Thomas.

"War is Hell, or so someone said," said Zachary. He looked at Thomas. "Well, let's get her prepped, and see how good you are with these things."
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