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Work in Progress - Page 1 - Introduction - By Tiger2001 - Overview
It was about a year ago that Sintec Inc. had unveiled their newest Product. They had already specialized in consciousness or how some called it Soul manipulation. Their first product line was more or less a continuation of VR Tech. You could experience different places, play games or do something more adult.
The porn industry invested heavily into this new technology. Soon the first Vore centered Games were released.

You and your Girlfriend had played these games multiple Times. But now with their newest product Sintec Inc. had doubled down with their Vore Content. The [I]Ref. 1000[/i] had two key elements to it. The first was the Soul manipulation Unit that was able temporarily save the Soul of any Human being in its buffer. The Second element was a matter manipulater that could change a Humans size and rebuild its body if it were destroyed.

Naturally you and your girlfriend hat put down a deposit emediatly. And Today was the day that your order had arrived.
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