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Work in Progress - Page 3 - A package arrives - By Tiger2001 - Overview

You were working when your girlfriend suddenly started screaming. You heard her running toward your office. Then the door flew open and you were greeted with your smiling girlfriend.

"What is here" You asked.

Your girlfriend just continued to smile at you. Suddenly it clicked. The Ref. 1000 had arrived. You quickly logged off and went into the living room. A inconspicuous package lay on top of the coffee table.

"Come on we need to open it NOW" Your Girlfriend squealed. She was jumping up and down from excitement.

Once you had opened the package you were greeted with a simple machine the size of a cushion. It even had a softer side. At the bottom of the package you saw the instruction manual. It was a lot smaller than you expected.

Your GF grabbed the manual and flicked through the first pages. Looking over her shoulder you could see warranty information and terms of use. On page five were instructions on how to use. It was remarkably simple. One person had to lay their head on the soft side and remain there for 10 seconds. Then a sound signaled that the Soul had been saved to the buffer.
The next page was a lot more interesting. It contained the different settings. The machine seemed to have three key modes.

1. Out of Body
2. Shrinking and rebuilding
3. Temporary soul binding

The first mode would bind your soul to a synthetic body and put you into a dream like state.
The second mode saved your soul in the buffer, shrank you down and would rebuild your body once it was destroyed.
The third option was similar th the second one. The only difference being that you could bind your soul to any object or body part you would like.

All the other options were simply changes to the main three or additional options.

Your GF put down the manual turned towards you and stared hat you.
"What are we going to try first?" she asked.
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