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Work in Progress - Page 4 - Out of body - By Tiger2001 - Overview
Your GF grinned and nodded.
You take the device that was on the coffee table plug it into the outlet and put it on the ground. Then you follow the simple instructions on how to use the device. You lie down and place your head on the soft side of the device. You then felt something that was similar to the VR headsets you already knew. A slight tingle all over your body and then suddenly darkness.After a short while you hear the sound that indicated that the device was done.

You open your eyes and stand up. Your GF was already leaning over the small touchscreen on the side of the device. She had quickly selected the desired options.

She turnes to you and says.
"Ok so I have already selected "Out of Body". I also chose that digestion will be turned on. The next option is your decision again. How quickly should the digestion be. The Faster the more painful it gets. So what do you want?"
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