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Work in Progress - Page 5 - Slow (no pain involved) - By Tiger2001 - Overview
"Ok Slow it is" Your GF presses the appropriate button on the touchscreen. She also decided on the "Full Tour" option.

"Ok so the rest are add-ons. Lets see..." She was biting her lower lip while looking through the additional options.

"Ok so let's go through this again. We selected "Out of body", digestion is turned on and on the slowest setting, and I also added an aphrodisiac for both just for the extra spice" She said while winking at you.

Then she pressed the done button. While the device was loading the settings you two start making out and take off your clothes. Once you were both naked the device gave off a sound to indicate that all settings had been loaded.
Then you lie back down on the cushion and quickly slip away into a deep sleep.

Only moments later you wake up right next do the device. Your eyes are slowly adjusting to the sudden bright light. Once you could see clearly again you see that everything around you was huge. To your right you see your own sleeping body. The was truly an out of body experience. Then you start turning around. Only to be greeted by your huge GF.

"It actually worked" she exclaimed.
"You are so small. I could swallow you whole without a problem." She said.
Then she slowly pickes you up and places you on the coffee table.
Then she leans in and got really close to you.
"Are you ready for your amazing journey?" she whispers.
You could only nod.

She then reaches out to you and pickes you up again. The next thing you see is her maw right underneath you. You're prepared to be lowered into her mouth to be swished around. But before anything happens she stops ans places you back down on the table.

"It just accured to me. We haven't decided on the type of vore." She said.
Seeing your confused face she smiles and stands up.
"Well if you don't know what I mean let me explain the possibilities"

"The first option is obviously the standard trip" She opens her mouth and points at it.
"In this option I would put you into my mouth. Savoring you for a short time. Then I would send you on your way through my throat. That will lead into my stomach where you will be sitting in my Stomache Acids. They will break your body down until your nothing but nutrient soup. After that my body will suck you into my intestines where these nutrients will be extracted to be added to my body." She said this all while tracing her finger over her body.

"Once my body is done with yours the final destination will be ... " she stood up and slowly turned around. "... here" She was spreading her asscheeks and lowered her posterior to your level. You were facing her asshole.

"The second Option is the more direct rout to my exit. I could simply stuff you into my asshole and digest you in my intestines. It would be similar to the first option only the smell would be different." she said while her asshole was winking at you just like it was inviting you in.

>pfffft< a small fart escaped her asshole which was still right infant of you. The smell was intoxicating.
"There a small demonstration of how it would smell" she laughed.

After she had given you a few more moments to gawk at her magnificent asshole she turned around and presented you with your last option

"I can also stuff you into my pussy and turn you into pussy juice. You will certainly make a good squirt."
She Spread her pussy to you.

After these demonstrations you were already turned on beyond belief. While pondering what option you would prefere your GF leand over the sofa presenting you with her sexy ass. She would emerge with a box of sex toys.

"So what option would you take?" she asked you while placing the box on ground.

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