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Work in Progress - Page 7 - Anal Vore - By Tiger2001 - Overview
"You are one naughty man." She says that while turning around to show you her asshole again. "You really want to be inside my tight asshole. Being digested and absorbed by my intestines just to leave my body the same way you came in"

She moves her ass even closer to your face. You reach out and touch the twitching pucker right in front of you. I is warm to the touch. You think about what you are going to do. You will squeeze into the hole that she uses as a waste disposal.

"I know you always loved my ass. Come on give it a kiss."

Her asshole winks in front of you and you oblige her request.

"There you go. Now you are almost ready to enter. I need to prepare you for the smell."
With that a finger pushes your head to her asshole.

"There that will await you inside."
You lost all senses after your nose was just insulted. You start to regret your choice but then you look down and see that your cock was standing ereckt. Deep down you liked what just happened. Before you could think another thing you are pushed back towards her asshole. This time with much more force. Head first you are pushed inside.


Her finger pushes you deeper and deeper until it couldn't reach you anymore.

"Now that you are in there let's make sure that you stay in there."
Suddenly you feel something at your feet. Your best guess is that she pushed a butt plug inside after you.

"Start Wriggling"

You want to follow her command but the stench the heat and the tightness leave little room to think. It takes you a few minutes to get accustomed to your position.

Suddenly you pick up a humming sound. You can't quite identify what it was. But when your girlfriend gave a mound from her you realize that she is using a vibrator to pleasure herself. You start to move slightly which results in another even louder moan from above you. But not only your girlfriend was pleasured by your movement. You rubbed your cock on the walls with every move.
The pleasuring continued for a few minutes. It felt so good that you didn't notice that you are pushed ever so slightly deeper.

The heat was getting more intense with every orgasm your GF experienced. It also got tighter.
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