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Work in Progress - Page 8 - Unbith - By Tiger2001 - Overview
"Oh so you are interested in entering my tight pussy? I mean I actually hoped that you would choose this option I think it has the most potential for pleasure"

She sits down on the carpet and scurries under the table until she was able to place her nether regions right infront of you.

"Come on you will have to push your self in. I can only hold open the door"
She says while spreading her pussy with two fingers. The inside was already glistering. The twitiching seems to invite you inside. You walked towards your GF pussy like you were in trance. You couldn't take your eyes away.
You step forward and press your hand firmly against the entrance which results in a shiver and moans from your GF.

"Stop teasing me already and get inside there. I want to feel you all the way up there"

You follow her command and push both your hands into the small hole infront of you. Just getting both hands inside is a monumental task for you. The wet walls make it easier but your tiny legs can only do so much. Suddenly the pussy jerks and you are pulled in much deeper. Only your feet are visible from the outside.

Loud moans can be heard all around and your whole world shifts around. Your GF had sat down as soon as you were pulled inside.

"Oh my god you feel so good in there keep Squirming. I'm already so close"

You did exactly as you're told and move around as much as you can. With every move the moans of your GF get louder and her heartbeat faster. Suddenly everything around you starts moving. You are squeezed from all sides. But before you can brace yourself you are catapulted out of her pussy and onto the carpet. She had squirted you out.

"Fuck you slipped out. That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. But I can't really catapult you out of my pussy every time I cum. Then you would never reach your destination"
She looks down at you lying in a puddle of pussy juice. With a wink she slowly moves over you to reach for something.
"Where is that damn thing. - Ah there you are"
She moves back into position with a Dildo inside her hand.

"There if I shove you in with this you would stay inside even if I cum. Now get back inside."

She takes a hold of you and shoves you unceremoniously inside her slit. Your whole upper body ist already inside her pussy when you feel two of her fingers pushing you deeper inside. Only when her fingers can't reach deeper she retracts them.

"Ok now you should be deep enough. Let's see if this thing does its job."
With that she pushes the dildo inside of her. A moan escapes her lips as she does so.

Inside you can feel the tip of the dildo on your feet. You are pushed even deeper than before. Then the Dildo retracts.

"You should be deep enough now <huff>. I will start hammering my pussy now so be prepared"

Then all hell let loose. As soon as the dildo rammed back inside you were squeezed by all sides. With every thrust she shoves the dildo deeper. And with every thrust you are pushed closer to your destination. After a few trusts you already see her cervix. Soon you will be pushed through the tight ring right into her womb. There you will become a part of these waves of female cum.

But before that happens you feel like one of your feet are stuck in something. You then remember that the dildo she is using was one of those who could push fake cum out of them. You then feel your other foot had slipped inside the tiny hole the fake cum would come out of. Your are pulled back and with the next thrust pushes you into the tip of the Dildo. Now every thrust pushes you deeper into the dildo.

At fist it seems you would be stuck inside the dildo. But then with her final thrust your GF also pushes the button for the fake cum. It had enough pressure to push you inside her womb. You lay now inside her womb covered in fake cum.

"That orgasm was even more intense. I can feel you inside my womb. It feels sooo good."

With that she pulls the dildo out and licks some of the fake cum from its tip. Then she throws it aside and takes one of the many vibrators out of the box.

"I can't hold back baby. I doubt you will last long even though you chose the long digestion. I'm just to horny"

With that she turns the vibrator to the highest setting and pushes it against her clit.

Inside you are also overtaken with pleasure. You start masturbating to the sound of moaning. After a while you notice that all of the fake cum had already been turned into real female cum. You also feel your skin tingle slightly. Now that the womb was done with the fake cum you will be next. In your mind you ask yourself how many orgasms you can survive. The Fake cum had taken 2 Orgasms.

It wouldn't take long for you to get your answer. After the third orgasm of your GF you already saw some of your body melting away and oozing out of the womb. With every additional orgasm the womb would clench down more on you. After only the sixth orgasm you couldn't feel your legs any more. The pool of female cum around you also steadily rose. Ultimately you would stay together until the tenth orgasm. That was when the womb clenched one last time around you.

You are now only a soupy mixture inside your GF womb.
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