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Vore-Pocalypse - Page 1 - Introduction - By Carni-vore - Overview
Hello, I decided to design a new vore Interactive as my first artistic action here at the portal. What does my story have that others don't, well it has sec here... Ah I know you can add your own predator to devour the helpless prey I've provided. Also unlike a few of the interactive stories here I myself plan to be adding chapters to it pretty often. This is practically my first vore project and I plan to work very hard on it. Ok now I'll go over a few things.

Rules: No CV, AV, HV or unbirthing (sorry they're just not my thing), only Oral SV and digestion. If there is any other specific type of vore you wanna add, ask first. The twins are prey only no exceptions. You're free to add your own characters whether they be hunting the kids or helping them. There are practically no limits on what characters you want to introduce, only kind of pred I don't wanna see is a human looking male. The story follows the progress of the twins only if they die the story has reached an end. If one of the twins is eaten the story continues as long as one of the twins is still alive.

Characters: Jane - age: 15 Hair: long, brown Eyes: green Height: 5,8ft, Jane is a timid, shy girl and is easily scared. However, she is smart for her age, witty and not easily tricked. She isn't as athletic as her brother, but she is pretty charismatic.

Jake - age: 15 Hair: short, brown Eyes: green Height: 5,9ft-Jake is very athletic, and pretty brave. He is reckless though and often leaps before he looks, which often gets him in trouble. He's a tad cocky and acts tough, but he's always willing to help people.

The World: Earth 2020, 3 days after the first Vore-hole phenomenon. Strange wormholes have begun appearing across the globe releasing strange creatures into our world. At first Military forces were able to handle the situation, and keep the phenomenon a secret. However the amount of portals began to increase, until vast amounts of portals began opening in large cities. Creatures that emerge from the wormholes appear to have no connection to each other, other than their apparent appetite for humans. Some creatures seem like creatures of myth and fantasy such as beastial humanoids, griffons and dragons. Others are horrifying creatures beyond a person's worst fears. Cities around the world are being destroyed and people are getting devoured. Extinction of the human race is at hand...

If there is any questions, either message me or post it in the interactive forum. I would like to thank KavenBach, Halcyon and Ryanshowseason3 for their help in getting me settled in here. Enjoy!


Edit: All additions from now on must follow the rules posted here.

Edit: Number 1 important rule for making additions. I only humbly request that I be PMed first about any future additions to my interactive. This is for proofreading, to keep out the terrible, short, poorly written additions, and to ensure that your additions link up with the story thus far nicely, and don't disrupt the plans of myself or other people. It's a simple process that ensures that the interactive remains a well written story. Thank you.
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