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Fitting In at Home - Page 1 - Fitting In at Home - By Gunga_Galunga - Overview
TW: This story contains, and deals heavily with, consensual incest. All characters are 18 or older.

Fitting In at Home
You are Nate Holmes, a 20-year-old college student visiting home for the Summer. The house is lively because your younger sister Valerie, fresh out of high school, and your older sister Faith, an anti-social artist, are all staying with your mother, Diane. Your living situation has just one complication: You're a rare tiny born to a family of normal-sized women. At just four inches tall, you've never felt like you fit in at home. You hope that this Summer will change that. Unknown to you, each of your family members has hopes of their own, and each could throw your relationships into chaos.


Diane (Mother)
Age: 42
A single mother and moderately-successful game developer. Her devotion to her kids and career has left little room for a social life over the years. Now that her youngest is out of high school, Diane struggles with loneliness and a fear of missing out on romance. She tries to hide this from her children, even as she grows increasingly desperate for physical attention. Blessed with a massive bust and generous curves, her main obstacle is her lack of self-esteem. Despite the difficulty of raising a tiny, she has always doted on you.

Valerie (Little sis)
Age: 19
Prodigious and meticulously organized, Val passed high school with full honors, but can't decide where to go for college. Her uncertainty is compounded by the re-awakening of an old crush that leaves her morally and socially stuck. Naturally shy, she will need some prodding to open up about her issues. She inherited your mother's generous bosom and actually surpasses her in the thighs department. Overall she's been protective and supportive of you, though she did used to place you in socks and hard-to-reach places after a fight.

Faith (Big sis)
Age: 22
Faith was always a bit of a troublemaker. She showed promise as an art student in high school, but doesn't show any any desire to pick a college or career. It's been years since she's shown her art to you or anyone else. She values her privacy and is less than pleased that you are back home. Despite being the eldest sibling, she's shorter than Valerie at 4'11" and tries to compensate with tattoos and piercings. Growing up, she used to torment her tiny big brother, going so far as to put you in her mouth and pretend to swallow, though she never actually could get you down her throat.

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This is based on an idea I had for a taboo-giantess visual novel. Sadly I don't have the resources to develop anything like that now. If this story turns out well, maybe it could be adapted to a VN in the future...
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