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Fitting In at Home - Page 104 - The moment you've been waiting for - By Gunga_Galunga - Overview
"Goodnight, Nate!" Valerie calls as she heads upstairs. Your heart rate picks up with each step she takes toward her room. Once you hear her door close, your body surges with adrenaline. It's time to find out what Faith has in store for you.

The anticipation makes seconds feel like minutes as you ride your automated gondola up the stairs. Should you even be doing this? Was the moment you shared by the pond even real? It's otherworldly to consider what Faith might want to do with you now that she's inviting you into her room, a place you were banned from just weeks ago.

You stand outside of your big sister's door, looking behind you to double-check that Valerie's door is closed as well. Breathing deep, you crawl beneath the gap into Faith's realm. You try to tell yourself that you're overthinking things, that Faith simply wants to talk. Maybe she'll even say the kiss was a mistake and all that's waiting for you is a lecture on how wrong incest is.

Then you emerge to see Faith, and all your doubts fade away.

Your big sister waits in a transparent black lingerie that leaves your jaw hanging. A frilly corset lifts her half-exposed breasts firmly, ending just above the slender curve to her bellybutton. Her hips are bare save the thin red string of her black lace thong, and for the first time you see the perfect curve of her firm ass. Her crimson hair hangs down in straight pigtails like velvet curtains. She turns to you, and you witness one of the few times in your life you've seen Faith blush.

"I've never worn this before," she says nervously. "I hope you like it."

You're absolutely entranced. It feels like a sin to have walked in just wearing a t-shirt and jeans when she went through all this trouble. "Faith... You're flawless!"

A smile crosses her face as she beckons you toward the bed. "I still can't believe we're doing this," Faith remarks as she lowers her hand for you to mount. She lifts you to her face as she sits on her bed. You notice her bedsheets are fresh and well-tucked, a rare sight in her room. "I should probably warn you right now, I get pretty intense in bed."

"Are we... doing what I think we're doing?" you ask, still waiting for there to be some catch.

She chuckles. "You tell me." With that, she brings you in for another kiss, reminding you how real her feelings for you are. The barriers are breaking fast and all that separates you are what little clothes she's wearing. "What do you want to do, little brother?" Her voice turns smooth and smoky as she addresses you. Some part of her must love the taboo nature of all this.

"I... want..." Your thoughts are a blur of all the unholy things you want to do to your sister right now. "... to be inside you!"

A sweet hum escapes her red lips as she smothers your face in them again. "And I want you inside me."

"But aren't you worried about... you know..."

"A little," her eyes drift to the side. "But you were right. I can't let what Dad said years ago hold me back. Even if this is wrong, even if it makes me a freak forever, I can't keep hiding from these feelings I have for you."

"So... You're okay with incest now?" you ask.

"I still think incest is very, very bad." Her hand wraps around you as she grips your shirt in two fingers and tugs it over your head. "So be bad with me! Be bad with your big sister!" With that, she tackles you down onto the bed and covers you in fiery kisses. Her tongue slips out and dances along your chest, making your nipples hard as her powerful wet muscle savors your body. "Oh, Nate! I don't care anymore! I don't care that you're my brother! I don't care what you did with Val! I need you inside me! I need to make you mine!"

You're helpless as Faith ravages you with lust, tugging your pants and boxers clean off your legs until you're laid out naked before her. Your cock springs into the light, already dripping with excitement. "When you say you want to make me yours..."

Faith leans up and lifts the bottom of her corset, placing her hand over her stomach. "In here, little brother, right where you belong. No more faking it. I want to swallow you whole. Do you want it too? Do you want me to eat you?"

Fear and adrenaline collide in your head. This is for real. You're going to be eaten by your big sister. The danger, the absolute thrill of it all, sends your senses flying in every direction, except for your determination to finally see this through. "Yes, Faith! I can't wait anymore!"

Her fingers pull at the lace knots holding her corset together. "I want you to see all of me, Nate. I want you to see the body you're going to be inside of." Faith slips her corset open and tugs the straps down her arms, letting her bare, supple breasts free. Even though you've seen her topless before, you can't take your eyes off them as she pinches one of her bright, pink nipples until it's hard as diamond. She then undoes the sides of her lace thong. You let out a gasp as her bottom slips away, and for the first time you are looking at your big sister's freshly-shaven pussy. Her tight, hairless vulva glistens with excitement, already wetting her thighs at the thought of finally consuming you.

"Holy shit..." you say out loud. "I always knew you were beautiful, but now..." You wish you had the poetic chops to describe this angelic form before you.

Lifting you off the bed, Faith guides you to her lower thigh and slowly brings you up, gliding you along her body, allowing you to explore every inch of her smooth, pale skin along the way. She brings you between her legs and a sigh escapes her as your face and chest rub against her pussy, lightly seasoning you with her own juices. She brings you up along the valley of her bellybutton, over her waiting stomach, and into her firm, swelling breasts. Her nipple pokes into your chest as she presses you closer to her heart. She drags you up further, along the throat that you will soon be sliding down, then finally raises you in the air over her. When your eyes meet, she no longer looks at you like a sibling. Her gaze is alight with a carnal hunger, and she holds her willing prey.

You have to ask before you take the plunge. "Faith, are you sure this is safe? I mean, will I be..."

She nods. "I've done as much prep as possible. Once you're in my gut, I'll keep you safe. That's my job as a pred."

You raise an eyebrow. "As a pred?"

"In a vore relationship, there's a pred and a prey. While you're inside me, it's up to me to protect you from my body. As the prey, all you need to do is go down smoothly." She licks her lips. "Oh, and whatever you do, don't try to go any further than my stomach. I don't know what my intestines will do to you."

Her warnings remind you that this is real. You're actually going to be in Faith's stomach, a place only food should go. In this moment, you're food, except you hopefully won't get digested.

"Last chance. Once you're inside me, everything between us will change forever. Are you sure you want to do this with me?"

You have no regrets. Everything you've done so far has only brought you closer to Faith in ways you never imagined. "Absolutely."

Faith brings you to her lips and plants a wet, eager kiss on your face. Then her tongue slips out, swirling around you. It flattens against your body, allowing her taste buds to tickle your skin entirely as she licks you from your legs to your head. "God, you taste so good," she moans, before opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around your waist. You're thrust onto her tongue, feeling immense pressure all around as she sucks the flavor off you, slurping loudly. You aren't being swallowed just yet. She keeps her grip on your legs to be sure. This sensation can't be far from it, and as you look forward and see her swinging uvula dangling over her cavernous throat, you want to struggle to break free so you can climb in and dive into her gullet on your own.

Faith pops you out of her mouth, leaving strands of saliva in your hair. Her eyes are half-closed in wanton lust, running the tip of her tongue down her upper lip. "Tell me you want this," she whispers breathlessly. "Please, Nate. I need to hear it!"
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