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Fitting In at Home - Page 105 - Tell her you want to be eaten. - By Gunga_Galunga - Overview
"Oh Faith, I want this! More than anything!" you cry out, barely able to contain yourself anymore. "Swallow me, Faith! Make me yours!" You can hardly believe the words leaving your own mouth, but two weeks of teasing has left you wanting nothing more than to throw yourself down her throat and become her meal.

Those words seal your fate. Faith couldn't possibly resist swallowing you now. "Oh god, I've waited so long... My Nate... My little brother..." Holding you up high, she tilts you upside-down while straightening her back and neck, ensuring you have a straight line to the finish. Fervent breaths escape her parted lips as she lowers you closer, keeping you firmly encased in her grasp. You are utterly in her power. Her helpless little snack. "I love you," is the last thing she says before she opens her mouth wide and stuffs you headfirst inside.

You land on the bumpy, wet surface of her tongue, flexing at your arrival. Moans echo throughout this small, dark cavern as Faith tastes you, relishing your flavor. You must really taste good to her. Her warm breath envelopes you with a sweet peppermint scent. She slurps up your legs, sliding you along her tongue closer to the back of her throat. Your feet slip past her lips, at last sealing you inside her body. She holds you like this for a moment, her mouth stuffed full of you and your face brushing against her uvula. Your cock throbs along her pulsating tongue, ready to burst from the anticipation alone.

Then, gravity shifts. Her tongue lifts you and pushes you to the roof of her mouth, and your body slides forward. The throat ripples open, and with a gasp, you feel the tight muscle welcome your head. The first swallow takes you up to your neck. You fold your arms and keep your legs straight, hoping it will ease Faith's task of guiding you into her gut. Her tongue pushes your lower body forward and her throat welcomes your shoulders and abdomen. One strong gulp sends the rest of you sliding into the tight, wet embrace of her digestive tract. At last your feet vanish into her throat.

Outside, Faith follows the lump you make in her neck with her fingers as you travel beneath her bosom. The mighty esophagus squeezes you from all sides as it pushes you down its smooth, slick walls. You have trouble breathing against the pressure. Your world vibrates as you pass by Faith's racing heart, each beat sending waves through your bones. As it passes by, you realize you're nearly home. Your face passes through a tight ring of muscle into a world of immense heat. With a squelch, you are deposited into a tight pouch that ripples at your arrival. Your legs and feet follow you inside before the hole closes behind you, sealing you in.

"OH MY GOD!" Faith's voice cries out from all directions like a goddess having an orgasm. You barely have time to process your surroundings before your world shifts as Faith drops to the bed, her body quivering. "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! I'M - HOLYFUCKIMCUMMING!" The tight organ around you rocks as Faith's body quakes with pleasure. Her blissful cries seem to go on forever, until at last her arching back drops to the mattress. Your world rises and falls rapidly as she tries to catch her breath. It's a while before she's able to form words again.

"Nate," the voice around you booms breathlessly. "Are you... okay?"

You've been swallowed. Eaten alive by your own sister. Surprisingly, you don't feel the sting of digestion, even as your legs soak in a pool of fluid. The air inside is thin but sufficient and smells strongly of peppermint. You feel remnants of chewed-up tablets at your feet. Mints. Faith did everything she could to make you feel welcome in her stomach. "I'm fine," you answer. Better than fine, in fact. "What about you?"

"Oh my god, Nate! I just heard your voice inside me!" The world tightens as she presses her hands to her stomach. "I never came faster, or harder, from anything than I did just swallowing you. God, I still can't believe you're in my stomach! I actually ate you!"

A part of you wishes you could have seen that orgasm from outside, but you wouldn't want to trade being in her for anything.

"So how is it inside me?" Faith chuckles, patting her belly. "Are the mints too much?"

"Not at all," you say. Her stomach is like an alien world, just large enough to accommodate your body without you having to curl up. The walls surrounding you are slick, slippery and ribbed. They pulsate around you, occasionally flexing to hug your body with a loud gurgle. "It's actually... really nice, being in here."

"I'm glad you think so," she hums. "My stomach sounds happy to see you. You're the first thing I've eaten all day."

Faith is talking to her food, and you're her food. You can't believe how much that notion turns you on. Maybe Faith's kink didn't "rub off on you". Maybe you were always a vorephile like her and just didn't know it. "How does it feel, having me inside you?"

"I feel... full," she giggles. "Full of you. I can feel you wriggling around in there. It's weird, but I can't get enough of it. It lets me know that you're in there and you're all mine."

"So was I a good meal?" you ask.

"The best I ever had, and you're not done yet. Now you have to feed me."

You're already in her stomach. "How?"

"You know what you want to do." Faith lays back and her heartbeat picks up again. She's touching herself, slipping her fingers into her hot juicy pussy while you stew inside her gut. "Cum inside me. Empty your balls in my stomach. I want to digest every drop!"

Even while inside her, you can't believe you're hearing your big sister talk dirty like this. It only makes your throbbing cock harder. You taking your member in her hand and eagerly pump to match the rhythm of Faith's fingers racing in and out of her. The music of her body, from the thumping of her heart to the gurgling of the stomach around you, lulls you into a steamy, carnal dreamlike sensation. It hits you just what it means to be in her stomach like this. Everything you see, feel and taste is Faith. Her body is now your world, a world of immense pleasure and infectious lust. This truly is a forbidden, taboo act. You could only be more connected to your big sister if she digested you and made you a part of her.

Somehow, that thought is what sends you over the edge, firing your first shot of cum into your surroundings. "I'm cumming Faith!" you yell. The stomach tightens and churns you as you writhe inside it, firing thick white ropes into the nullified pool of digestive juices. At your words, Faith's moans turn to screams as another orgasm sends ripples through her body with you inside it. Together you share an earth-shattering orgasm, one that rocks you to the soul and leaves you breathlessly panting against her stomach walls.

"Oh my god..." Faith sighs. "Did we just cum together?"

You're still trying to catch your breath. "That was... intense..." Your cock still tingles with electricity. Reaching down, you feel that it hasn't softened one bit. "And I'm still hard."

"Good!" Gravity shifts again as Faith lays down on her belly, raising her hips to finger herself in a doggy-style position. "Because I want more! Keep filling me!"

Normally you'd need a lot more time before you could even think of going again, but as your hands slip between the smooth, silky folds of Faith's stomach, an idea strikes you. "I want to try something," you say, and roll yourself over to lay face-down. Your hard cock slips between two stomach folds, and as the organ flexes and releases, the sensation around your member is incredible. You thrust forward, driving your cock between the ribbed, winding folds, using her harmless stomach juices as lubricant.

High-pitched moans rumble around you as Faith feels your movements. "Nate, are you... Oh my god, you're fucking my stomach!" she cries excitedly. "It wants to digest you and you're fucking it! That is so hot!"

It isn't long before another orgasm rips through you and you're painting the walls of Faith's hot gut a creamy white. Your sister cums two more times in that span and shows no sign of stopping. Her words are slurred like she's drunk off the pleasure as she calls your name and encourages you to keep playing inside her. Hours pass as you ride the dark, steamy confines of your big sister's stomach to an incredible third orgasm. Your balls are sore by the time the last bit of cum trickles out of you into her digestive pool. Faith seems to have hit her limit after cumming eight times, collapsing on the bed and moaning incoherently.

Faith basks on her cum-soaked bedsheets while you bask in her stomach fluids, both of your blissfully spent. As forbidden as this is, you don't feel an ounce of regret. The happiness in Faith's little hums tells you she doesn't either.

"I'm so glad you're my first," Faith says to you, rubbing her belly. "I didn't need some loser from the internet. I had you all along, growing up right beside me. It's so crazy to think we went to school together, watched movies together, spent Christmases together, and now look at us. I should have eaten you a lot sooner."

"But damn was it ever worth the wait," you say with a smile, speaking into the hole of Faith's throat above you.

"I don't want this to end, but it's about time to let you out." Faith finally sits up, sending you sloshing around in her gut. "You know, before I actually start digesting you."
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