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Fitting In at Home - Page 119 - Sex with Valerie - By Gunga_Galunga - Overview
Fate has kept you and Valerie waiting long enough. It's time to finally give your younger sister the taboo experience she craves.

NotNateHolmes: Hey big sis, what's your plan for getting Mom out of the house?
CrimsonCatX03: I don't really need one. I have therapy tomorrow.
CrimsonCatX03: I'll just ask Mom to drive me and then kill as much time as possible on the way home.
NotNateHolmes: I didn't know you were seeing a therapist.
CrimsonCatX03: Welcome to dating me.
CrimsonCatX03: Somebody has to approve all my meds.
VioletTabooVix: Wait, bro, does this mean
VioletTabooVix: we're finally going to do it?

You can practically feel the excitement in Valerie's keystrokes as her chat icon fills with dots.

NotNateHolmes: Yes little sis
NotNateHolmes: We are
VioletTabooVix: OMG OMG OMG
VioletTabooVix: I'M SO HAPPY

There's a rhythmic pounding over your head as Valerie dances around in her room.

CrimsonCatX03: I can't tell if this is adorable or just sad.
VioletTabooVix: SHUT UP SIS
CrimsonCatX03: About a month?
VioletTabooVix: ... It's been a long month, alright?
CrimsonCatX03: I'm only teasing sis.
CrimsonCatX03: I know you've wanted this and I'm the main reason you haven't done it yet.
CrimsonCatX03: Now I want you two to enjoy yourselves as much as possible
VioletTabooVix: In that case I hope you're ready to be an aunt!
CrimsonCatX03: Sis...
VioletTabooVix: Kidding, I'm on the pill
VioletTabooVix: That was the breeding kink talking.
NotNateHolmes: You sure you're okay with this big sis?
CrimsonCatX03: If I sound jealous it's just because I can't join.
CrimsonCatX03: Not this time anyway.

It's settled. Tomorrow you and Valerie will finally have sex. If Valerie's excitement is anything to go by, no force on this Earth could stop that from happening this time. A tornado couldn't pull you from her hungry snatch.

The next day

As you sit in front of the TV with your sisters, it's hard to take your eyes of Valerie. Partly because you're going to wind up between those thick hips in less than an hour, partly because she's bouncing on the couch like she's next in line for the wildest ride at the park. A chill runs through you when you realize you're the ride she's waiting for. Every time her butt hits the couch cushion, you bounce up into the air beside her. Faith leans back on the opposite side of the sofa, watching the two of you with way more amusement than the rerun on TV.

"Could you be any more obvious?" jokes Faith.

"Oh, shut up, sis!" shoots Valerie, clasping her hands between her legs. "The sooner you and Mom leave, the sooner Nate and I can get some bonding time."

For her part, Valerie at least doesn't look like she's ready for a hot date. Her impressive chest is draped in a loose, black long-sleeve shirt and her luscious thighs are hidden within tight blue jeans. It's only when she lays back that you spot her stiff nipples budding bare against her shirt.

"You know what?" begins Faith. "I changed my mind. I'm taking Nate with me."

Valerie stops cold. "You what?"

"Yep. I want him deep up my cooch all through my therapy appointment." Your big sister's grin stretches into cruel dimples. "What do you say, Nate? Want to help me pass the time?"

"No you don't, you bitch!" Valerie lunges onto Faith, pinning her to the couch. Through laughter and grunts, Faith tries to fight off her little sister with fruitless struggles, kicking her bare pencil-thin legs against Valerie's mighty butt. It isn't long before their struggles relax and curses and insults give way to whimpers and moans. Faith's legs wrap around Valerie's backside as you hear their lips smack, whispering amorous little nothings to each other. This is the relationship your sisters have now. You might feel left out if they hadn't just been arguing over who gets to fuck you tonight.

The jovial air in the room stops dead as the doorknob to Mom's office twists. Your sisters gasp against each other's lips before frantically trying to untangle themselves in the half-second before your mother steps out of her home office, shoulders slumped and eyes weary. She walks into the living room and instantly spots Valerie on top of Faith on the couch with you sitting innocently beside them.

"Are you girls fighting again?" she asks with a sigh.

Frozen in place, the girls lock eyes before springing off each other. "Just... Trying to pick something to watch," says Valerie, absentmindedly fixing her clothes to hide her braless shoulder.

"Well, let me settle that argument. I'm taking Faith to her appointment," Mom eyes your older sister. "So you and Nate better be more civil than this while I'm gone."

"Oh don't worry. We'll get along just fine," says Valerie. Her eager lip stretches into a smirk as she sneaks a knowing glance your way.

Mom grabs her car keys and makes her way out the door with Faith in tow. As she passes the couch, Faith sneaks a kiss on Valerie's neck and lifts you up to plant one on your face. "Don't let her be too rough with you, my love," she whispers. "That's my job."

You and Valerie sit in patient silence as you listen for every beat. The slamming of car doors. The revving of the engine. The grinding of rubber on asphalt as the car pulls onto the street, fading gently into the distance. You don't move a muscle until the only sound you hear outdoors are the evening birds chirping.

And it's at that moment that Valerie attacks.

In an instant, you are pinned to the couch cushion by moist red lips, ravenously smothering your tiny body with kisses before you can get a word out. Your sister's hot breath flows over you, blasting your hair back as days of pent-up passion are let loose. Moans and smacks fill your ears before Valerie finally gets enough control to raise herself up, leaving you gasping for breath in your saliva-soaked shirt.

"Sorry bro," Valerie wipes her lips. Kneeling over you, you can see up the midriff of her shirt and the smooth round bottoms of her braless breasts, jiggling gently with her every move. "I just can't help myself around you anymore."

Wiping your eyes clear, you smile up at your horny little sister. "Can't say I wouldn't do the same if I was big enough to tackle you."

"Who says you aren't?" With that, Valerie lifts you into the air and falls on her back to the sofa, hugging you to her bosom. She writhes around the cushion as though struggling beneath a 200-pound weight. "Ahhh! Big bro! Stop it! Let me go!" Her mock cries can barely conceal her laughter. Even when clutched to her bosom, this moment brings back warm memories of how the two of you used to play when you were younger. Valerie never once complained about having to take care of a tiny older brother. From the moment you could leave your safety enclosure to the day you left for college, she jumped at any chance to hold you. Those innocent days feel like a lifetime ago. Now the gentle hands that used to carry you to school are moments away from slipping you between the fleshy gates of her forbidden sex.

You and Valerie share a hearty laugh as her body relaxes. She rests you on her shirt, caressing your back adoringly as you lay buried in the valley of her bosom. "It still feels like a dream, us being boyfriend and girlfriend," she says.

"Is it anything like all those stories you read?" you ask.

"It's miles better! Those brother/sister stories don't come close to how tingly it feels to know we're about to commit real, consensual incest together." Her heart is pounding enough to bounce your body lightly with each beat. "If you still want to, I mean," she whispers. At first it sounds like she's being her usual kinky taboo-obsessed self, but there's a hint of shakiness to her voice, as though she's afraid you'll say no. Pushing up against her hands, you stand and walk the length of her neck until you can plant a deep, determined kiss on her lower lip.

"I want to do everything, and be anything, with you," you tell her.

A sigh rumbles through her throat beneath your feet. She lifts you off her neck and raises you high into the air above her, where you can see her eyes burning with desire for the four-inch-tall man in her hands, her lips parted with stuttered breaths.

"I've been waiting so long for this," Valerie says. "So much longer than a month. Deep down, I've wanted this for years. You have no idea how many times I looked at you and wondered how you'd feel inside me."

You think back to all those family dinners and hangouts where you caught Valerie staring at you and wonder if any of those moments growing up were truly as innocent as you remember. If she had asked you to kiss her earlier, would you have gone along with it? Somehow, for this one Summer, the floodgates of all your hidden desires have burst, washing away any morals and taboos that could stop you from winding up inside this beautiful woman you've known all your life. "Then let's find out together," you say, planting a kiss on her thumb.

There are no more words to be said. Valerie brings you in for another deep kiss, then rolls over to set you down on the couch beneath her as she frantically tugs her black shirt over her head. Her massive breasts finally swing free, looking every bit as appetizing as the first time you saw them by that pond. Her nipples dwarf your head in their excitement. She brings a hand to one breast and squeezes herself as she stares down at you, savoring the hungry look in your eyes as her fingers sink into her supple tit. Her free hand undoes the fly of her jeans and slides them down her bare hips.

"Shouldn't we go to your bed?" you ask in astonishment as Valerie strips before you in the living room. You subconsciously picture Mom coming home early for any number of reasons.

"Not this time," Valerie answers in a moan, kicking her pants aside and kneeling before you completely nude. Her thighs part to reveal her plump, clean-shaven pussy, hovering above you like a tantalizing snack, only this snack is ready to devour you. "This is where we had movie nights growing up. This is where we had twenty Christmases and Easters. I want to remember them all as I shove you inside me! I want my big brother to fuck me right where we grew up together! God, I could cum just thinking of it!"

Feeling overdressed, you tear your clothes off in a hurry, standing upright and nude between Valerie's monolithic thighs and beneath the shadow of her bare vagina. You can practically feel the moisture of her sex from where you stand. "Why think about it when we can do it?"

Chuckling, Valerie plops down to the couch with her legs spread in a wide arch. She snatches you off the cushion and raises you above her, giving you a birds-eye view of her thick, gorgeous figure laid bare. Her breasts flow past the boundary of her shoulders as she lays back and her luxurious hips fill the width of the couch. You can't believe it took you until this Summer to realize how beautiful Valerie is. Firmly in her grip, you assume she wants to be the one in control this first time. However, her hand stays, and the lust in her eyes gives way to uncertainty as she lets out a sigh.

"Having second thoughts?" you ask. All things considered, you should be too.

"It's just..." Her gaze drifts to the side. "I've never had a cock inside me, never mind an entire person."

Breathing deep, you nod understandingly. Technically, she's giving you her virginity. "It's okay if you're not ready."

She shoots you a look like daggers that you would even suggest such a thing. "Of course I'm ready! It's just... It dawned on me you're going to be inside me. I'm just afraid..."

"Afraid you might hurt me?"

"Afraid you won't like it in there," she taps her vagina with two fingers. "I shaved, I pampered, I did just about everything I could to keep it nice for you, but it's not like I can put Febreze in there. What if I put you in and you hate it so much you never want to go back inside me again?"

You can't help but break out laughing, clutching her fingers to keep from falling from her grip. "Valerie, it's a vagina, not a five-star hotel."

"But I want it to be your hotel!" She tenderly brings you within whispering distance of her lips. "I want it to be a place where you can feel safe and warm and loved. Everything you make me feel when we're together."

You don't know for sure what you're in for in there, but you can't imagine it being anything less, even if it's every bit as wet and smelly as Valerie fears. You caress her hand as you lean closer. "A little heat and moisture won't scare me off that easily. All that matters is I'll be inside someone I love dearly."

"Oh, Nate..." Valerie gives you a breathless kiss. "I love you so much I can't put it into words, but I can show you..."

Her hand carries you down the length of her throat, gently rubbing you against the goosebumps that dot her skin. She guides you down along her breast, pressing you into her supple flesh so deeply that you are swallowed into the pillowy mass before she brings your body to her nipple. Jolts run through your member as it travels down the rigid valleys of her hardened areola and your face briefly sinks into the tiny crater of her bulbous nipple. She picks up the pace as she slides you down the shapely curve of her belly, stopping and pressing you into her body just above her pubic mound.

"Do you know what's in there, just beneath you?" she asks hotly, rubbing you into her welcoming mound. "That's my womb. It's a place only my babies should see. But tonight, my big brother is going inside it, and he's going to paint every inch of it white with his forbidden cream. My own brother deep inside my womb..."

"But you're on birth control, right?" you ask instinctively.

Valerie lets out a chuckle. "Don't worry, Nate. You can't get me pregnant right now." She lifts you from her body only to hold you between her spread legs. The heat of her sex wafts over you like a summer breeze. "But I still want you to try as hard as you can."

With two fingers, she spreads her thick, glistening labia apart to reveal her pussy in all its glory. Her sinuous pink walls drip with excitement, threatening to flow onto the same couch where you and Mom play Xbox. There's nothing ambiguous about this anymore. Your little sister is about to put you inside her at last.

"Last chance, Nate," says Valerie. "If we do this, we'll never be a normal brother and sister again. Still want to go inside me?"

She already knows the answer. Staring into the tantalizing void of her birth canal, undulating with hunger for your entire body, there's no way you could deny her now. That barrier broke long ago. "Yes Val!"

Your sister gives a satisfied laugh. "Then the only question is," She spreads her labia apart even wider, lifting her hips to let more light into her pussy. For a moment, you could swear you caught a glimpse of her cervix, waiting for you. "Head first, or feet first?"
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