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Naga world - Page 80 - Relax - By catkook - Overview
You try to make it easy on your predator Snowy as you relax your body in her coils.
Snowy smiles down at you before proceeding to open her maw wide and gently wrapping it around your head.
Soon all you can see is the inside of the giant snake, it is mildly intimidating though by now Snowy had managed to wash away the fears you had of naga's as she would proceed to work her way down your body.

She could've certainly swallowed you much faster, she certainly swallowed that naga faster, but instead she did it slowly being careful not to hurt you.
You would soon slip down her throat, going past her first upper stomach, then finally slipping into her lower tail stomach.
Inside everything was so tight and warm, you were certainly at Snowy's mercy now. Though she doesnt seem like she'd want to bring any harm to you.

"Are you alright?" You would hear Snowy ask, her voice a bit muffled through her stomach walls, though her tone sounds caring.
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