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Restaurant at the Edge of Infinty - Page 1 - Restaurant at the Edge of Infinty - By desertomen - Overview
"Somewhere out there, at the edge of infinity, there is a restaurant where everyone and everything is on the menu. You awake to find your self lying on the floor in the lobby of this place and are asked by a strange man, "Are you a diner or a dinner?"."
This is project that was developed with ideas from a discord server I'm in. If you have ideas for characters that you wish to see in this please either message me on discord at LimeSpider566#3378 or message me here on Ekas. Quick side note: All characters must be 18. I will not include any underage characters under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Feral will not be included (it is a fancy establishment). OC's will RARELY be included and if they are, they will be included as restaurant staff. (EXAMPLE: My OC Accel will be the host and may or may not include 1 scene but that is not guaranteed. Also NO IRL people will be included. All character requests must be fictional or OC.

Will include: Male Preds and Prey, Female Preds and Prey, Non-Binary Preds and Prey, Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Digestion, Soft Vore, Light Hard Vore, Cooking, Foodplay, Meal Prepping, Willing Prey, Safe Vore, Belching, Human(like) Preds and Prey, Furry Preds and Prey, Micro and Macro

Will not included: Feral Preds, Disposal (of any kind), Underage Preds and Prey, Unwilling Prey, Cock Vore, Unbirth, Nasal Vore, Ear Vore, Breast Vore."

Routes Planned So Far
NAC Pred
Cinderance Pred
Meowth Pred
Blackfire Pred
Starfire Pred
Myaxx Pred
Clementine (Overlord) Pred
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