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Restaurant at the Edge of Infinty - Page 17 - NAC Soft Raw - By desertomen - Overview
Grabbing the sides of your head again he takes one last look at your face, and you his. Slowly the gapping jaws open to show you your fate. His bright red insides glisten with the moonlight. Ever so slowly his tongue once again slithers out the mouth and out into the open. Saliva drips from the tip of the muscle as he begins to move you towards the cavern. His teeth graze your hair as you start to enter, face down on his salivating tongue. Once your head is inside his mouth he slowly closes his lips around your neck, his sharp teeth keeping you from moving much. He expertly moves his tongue around your head, tasting every inch of your face with such passion. He mews and moans at your seasoned form. The spices blending excellently with the natural taste of your skin. He begins to lightly gnaw at your neck, not enough to pierce your skin but enough to cause it to turn red, not that it matters. No one will ever see it again. Halfway through tasting you he slips his tongue inside your mouth, catching you off guard. It passionately curls around your own in some sort of bizarre kiss. This goes on for what seems like ages, until finally his tongue recedes from your mouth and you feel your self start to slide towards the entrance of his throat. It begins to pulsate anticipation of your arrival. Good thing it did not have to wait very long, as the man began to push you in further. You sit there in his maw awaiting the abyss that is his throat to take you until finally


Your head is shoved into the tight confines of his gullet as your chest begins to slide in. He takes time again to thoroughly taste your chest, but does not linger as long this time, as he quickly takes another gulp. His throat constricts and constrains around your body. Slowly rippling and carrying you downward to the last home you will ever know, his gut. As your midsection starts to slide in, you can feel a quick tug around your hands. It seems that he cut your bindings loose somehow. He tries to say something but his mouth is full of you so it isn't very coherent. After your bonds are loose he goes about tasting your midsection. You can feel his tongue run into your naval a bit as he slathers your stomach with spit. Once again he takes another hard gulp, and your pelvis slides in. Your head pushes through the ring of his stomach entrance. You manage to fill the entire chamber, you wonder how he will manage to get you all in. Fortunately for him you will not need to wonder long. He doesn't linger long around your private area for much longer, he is much too hungry to play with it much. Another swallow and your thighs go in. He starts to chew on your thighs a bit. Like before he isn't piercing the skin but rather he is tenderizing your leg meat. Your chest starts to enter the stomach area. Immediately you can tell this will be a painful experience from the cramping alone. With another gulp your calves go in. After that your feet are all that is left outside his body. His tongue wraps around your feet, slowly pulling them into his mouth. He spends, what seems like an eternity licking your feet. He makes sure that every inch is covered by his tastes buds, even going as far as to slosh them around his cheeks and lightly nibble on them. But all good things must come to an end. With one last swallow, he sends your feet and legs down his gullet and into the gurgling death chamber that is his stomach.

As your feet enter the stomach you are forcibly curled into a fetal position. You seem to be unable to move in the slightest. Not that his stomach cares about your comfort. Instead, with a loud churning noise, it starts to lightly secrete some acids into the chamber and rub them into your skin. On the outside the man lets out a sigh and a pleased mew. Clearly happy with his meal he grins almost cruelly as he slaps his gut a couple of times, shaking you about inside. It would also appear that he has shaken something else inside of him, as suddenly the stomach contracts hard around your body. His cheeks swell and his mouth flies open with a incredibly loud belch.


"Nya~, you must be the best meal I've ever had, nyan. I can't wait to turn you into... URP ...ass fat, nya.
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