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Bartender at Second Life Vore Club - Page 1 - Introduction - By EdwardLapine - Overview
Welcome to the first interactive story about Second Life's Vore Club, created by a SLVC regular "Edward Winnfield".
This story mainly follows the role of a bartender rabbit named Timothy whom is employed at this club so he shall
meet with a variety of guests.  It's your job to decide if he lives, gets eaten, or eats the patrons himself!

(I will obviously add more, but this seems like a decent place to start)

(Any pathways that show hard vore, will be marked as HV)


A set of earthy brown colored paws clasp the final button along his dark, maroon colored vest as the cottontail
rabbit adjusts himself, checking and making sure his uniform is all neat and straitlaced.  With a quick adjust of
his tie and a light tug of his dress slacks, he smiles softly to himself as he feels ready for his shift this

The sun already begins to set, bathing the warm, tropical island paradise, having a few warm breezes brush through
his silky soft pelt of fur in a blanket of stars and the luminous moonlight that shines over the wooden shacks and
straw rooftops.  Making his way past the bar table, he briefly examines his stock of liquors, glasses, and his taps
before he goes to wipe along the smooth bar table.  A gentle sigh escapes his muzzle as he awaits a guest to order.

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