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Genosoft - Page 1 - First Day - By Drunken05 - Overview

You walk into the main lobby and sign in at the service desk, its relatively quietas its so early. Entering the elevator you notice that the businessmen all have their eyes on you. Since you started the job you've realised that you turn many heads in the office. Reaching the 5th floor you exit and cross over to the locker room across the hall. You approach a locker named Kate Bloom and start taking out the equipment for the day. You then see yourself in the mirror while adjusting the uniform, the reflection shows a nice slender build. A small face framed by long brown hair, which you tie up in a pony tail before putting on the standard issue black cap. With bright brown eyes and a big smile you're ready to take on the day ahead. You straighten the black shirt with the company logo and security pass, the shirt easily outlining your breats and showing off your figure. Finally you have a black skirt as well, with black trainers.You holster a gun and flashlight. With everything you complete you go to exit the room.

Where should you go?

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