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The very special fancy cake - Page 1 - The very special fancy cake - By Blackraven2 - Overview
A vorish interactive play by Blackraven (who forgot his password and had to create a new account)


Looks: Young adult deertaur, anthro upper torso, with a deer head, natural
deer lower taur part, brownish to beige fur, if you look closely some brighter spots on her sides. As common among female taurs she has two sets of genitals, one between each pair of legs.
History: Ajana was a genetic experiment in a lab, goal was to create sentient animals to be trained in order to carry out military under cover missions. She was the first (successfull) attempt. To reduce experiment risk with open outcome the scientists decided to use a harmless animal as a base. However the body of a deer provided her with perfect means for escape, which she did during training phase.
She was transformed into a deertaur later by the means of a dragon (Kudos to Tridemon if you are out there) who also 'equipped' her with a collar that would restore her to this form if her body was destroyed, in order to keep her as a slave and for food. However their relationship ended up more complex than that of a slave and her master. (This part of history is based on actual roleplay)

The Dragon
Looks: Anthropomorphic dragon, scaly, big teeth, about 7 or 8 feet high, while still not walking fully erect. his tail stabilising.
History: Little is known about the dragon. Is it the same that gave Ajana her current form or someone else? Whatever he is the one who controls Ajana's fate, by means of her magic collar now, and he makes use of this power.

Scene 1:
A dining room, a chimney on the wall with a crackling fire, adjacent is a big kitchen. On the far end is a corridor that leads to an exit and another door which seems to lead to some sort of laboratory environment.
A table with several plates and chairs, and a big plate in the middle, all currently empty. Cuttlery is small forks and spoons like for desert. A couple of half empty glasses and dirty dishes in the kitchen indicate that there were more people for a feast but didnt stay for desert.
Ajana had been standing on the table, on a place that has no chair, providing
for her taur form, but is currently facing the hallway, waiting.

The dragon enters, coming from the lab. He holds a small silver platter with a

Dragon: Now, my dear, here is the surprise I spoke of. A shame that everyone else had to leave early, but then again we have the rest of the evening all to ourselves.

Ajana looks at the syringe with a questioning look

Ajana: Let me guess, I am going to be the desert again?

The Dragon smiles while approaching, then he places the platter on the table with a biggish guesture, but its empty now. While Ajanas eyes had followed the plate, he pokes the syringe into her butt and injects the clear liquid inside, with one hand but the quick routine of an experienced doctor or scientist.

Ajana yelps.
Ajana: Ouch, hey, what are you doing, what does it do?

Dragon: Its my latest invention. A little bit of magic combined with advanced microbiology. It will change living tissue into any set of substances I see fit, while sustaining its ability to function. You are about to participate as prime test subject.

Ajana: It tingles. What are you turning me into then?

Dragon: As you guessed. The template for your transformation was a delicious black forest cake. If all goes well your body will turn into a very tasty desert.

Ajana tries to bend backwards and examine where the syringe had struck. There
is a small but growing spot where her brown fur turned into a different shade
of brown. It has no fur at all, more a grainy texture like the mocca coating on tiramisu.

Split 0:
Ajana doesnt want to be the desert and tries to flee.

Split 1:
Ajana is content with this and will stay for desert.
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