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temptations - Page 1 - creators notes.... - By firedrake63 - Overview


attention, all who read (and enjoy my story) im encoraging you to send me feedback on my story as it will keep me intrested as i have just started a LARGE project on it, in otherwords to compleat these 50 chapters i forsee meashuring it in mounths... in otherwords ill need feedback of any kind to know i have SOMEONE who is reading the story, just one person who reads it and tells me about how i did it will help alot. thanks


if you wish to add contact me first via PM i will answer as promptly as i can, if you wish to add give me a sample of wrighting so i can see if you are good enough to add i am sorry about the filter but i hate it when im really into a story and then it goes from really good to shitty as hell because of the current wrighter and there inabiltity to wright a halfway decent story, if you are going to change from 1st person to 3rd person for a whole chapter pleas put a note on top of the page so people who might not like it can choose another path or something. that being sead i will add onto this as long as this story intertains me once i am bored with it....well i am shure others will contue to add to it and contue to keep this story alive.....hopefully....that being sead within this story anything is possable....its even possably to switch from predator to pray or visa versa, but this will only happin in the occerance of racil change like a human turning into a werewolf or along those lines, again for the third time i belive that being sead, let the vorashous carnage begin? oh one last thing, the vore WILL ONLY BE SOFT! i will not tollorate someone fouling up my story with hard gore, the gore of digestion is acceptable but all else is ticks me off.....ok letting the story roll on out now that i have babbled on long enough  >.>

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