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Dingbat's Day Off: An Aekallia Interactive - Page 1 - First Page - By jkssmtrfkr - Overview
Dingbat's Day Off: An Aekallia Interactive
by Jacksomm Trifker, et al.

This is a work of interactive fiction set on the planet of Aekallia. This planet is similar to Earth in many ways, with breathable air and potable water and partisan politics and such. But it is also a quite different planet, with twice the number of moons, a 32-hour day, and a slight twist in animal evolution about 900 million years back that created a kinder and more symbiotic process of digestion for all involved.

I welcome others to participate in crafting this interactive story, albeit with a few caveats:

1. Digestion is non-fatal, and the story doesn't end just because the main character gets eaten by something. In theory, it could go on for years.
2. Although I prefer to create feminine predators cause that's what I enjoy, I have no objection to other writers adding some masculine predators at some point in this story - the other 50% of the population needs to eat, too...
3. You may create as many new characters as you like, but please try to make them something more than a name and a cup size. You're creating a life here, with a past and a future and a family and a personality. Sure, you may find it fun to create a toothless, one-eyed, one-armed pirate robot, but I doubt your new pirate robot would find it nearly as amusing. And please make any characters you create older than 18.
4. Please keep in mind that this is not Earth, so while they have mediaphones and mass transit and nano-technology, they do not have televisions or cars or Republicans on Aekallia. References to Earthly history or literature or pop culture will be quite out of place.
5. Have fun and welcome to Aekallia!
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