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Furni's Mansion - Page 1 - Furni's Mansion - EP Edition - By Iyeru - Overview
== Furni - The Lust Goddess ==
She's a sexy tan skinned human female with long purple hair and purple eyes. Some may call her too busty. She has size G breasts (or larger) very luscious hips and a bit of a dominative personality toward those who enter.

== Puku - Head Maid ==
Caucasian human female with size F or bigger bosom. She has brown hair that goes to her waist unlike Furni's, whose go down to the floor. Puku is sweet and loving, yet she's rather clumsy. She usually wears a maid outfit or something to expose her cleavage.

== Kissy - Cat-Girl ==
Caucasian skinned white furred cat girl who can willfully transform into a cat. She has silver eyes and DD size bosom when in her human form. She's pretty playful, and loves to slurp up things from behind without the thing noticing.

Many maids exist in this mansion. Feel free to create your own situations.



You slowly wake up to a large mansion, three floors high from the lobby it seems. You are in the lobby, however, everything seems bigger than you. You were knocked out earlier, and you can't remember what had happened.
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