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The Forest of Shadows - Page 1 - A Bright, Sunny Day... - By ElZilcho - Overview
You hum quietly to yourself as you stroll along the forest path.  The sun warms your pale, bare arms, and a slight breeze rustles the leaves of the trees and causes your long, auburn hair to sway gently.  You come to a small clearing, and set down your jug of water that you've been carrying from the river near your village.  Taking a moment to straighten your simple, home-spun dress, you look around at the forest.

The small village where you've lived your entire life is just a short walk away.  Its wooden houses are simple and quaint, and its people quiet, but it's home.

"It's such a nice day," you think to yourself, "and this water is awfully heavy."  You stretch, throwing your long, cream-colored arms towards the sky.  The grass of the clearing looks very soft, perfect for taking a quick nap on.  There is the matter of the water jug, however, as well as your mother's instructions to look for a few special herbs deeper in the forest.
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