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Attractive demise - Page 118 - Struggle! - By Nightcrawler99 - Overview
As impossible and insane as it is to believe you realize are not only trapped inside of Ashley but the woman is now on the move with you outside! Scared for your life as the fleshy sack of her womb bounces and sways with her walking, you yell out and struggle hoping to make her let you go.

“ASHLEY! ASHLEY LET ME OUT!” You yell while trying to stretch out as best you can. The fleshy walls give a bit but not much as they, along with the fabric of her dress, hold you in a semi tight ball.

Still pretty exhausted from your earlier fun you aren’t able to put a whole lot of force behind your efforts and all you manage to do is make Ashley grunt and gasp.

Noise from outside is severely muffled in the tight humid space and all you can really hear is the lewd wet noises of your warm dark prison.

“LET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!” You yell again only to get no response as she waddles around. She is either ignoring you or can’t hear you, both of which are equally terrifying as she walks off to God knows where with you. Her heartbeat is fast and she’s breathing rather hard no doubt due to the fact she is somehow carrying your full weight inside her. The most noticeable thing in your fleshy confines is the smell of her arousal which is thick and heavy, an indication that she is turned on and over stimulated.

Scared and wanting out, you muster up your strength and give her the hardest kick you can in hopes it may cause her to let you go. I’m response she lets out a sharp grunt like gasp and everything shakes as she seams to lose her balance for a second. Apparently not phased by your actions she just keeps on going with you.

Outside, you imagine Ashely is making her way back to the crowded bar so she can either get help or most likely leave as she has yet to say a word to you. Listening closely, your suspicions about her heading into the bar are confirmed as you hear the sounds of muffled voices over her own lewd bodily functions.

The thought of her leaving the bar with you is deeply troubling but it pails in comparison to a new and much more frightening issue you suddenly notice. You’re not sure when it happened but your cramped prison has filled almost half way up with rising fluids! Terrified you might drowned you redouble your efforts to make Ashley let you out, causing her to once again groan and walk a bit funny.
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