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Attractive demise - Page 120 - Now what!? - By Nightcrawler99 - Overview
“Fucking Hell she’s already out!?... Now what?!” You think to yourself as Ashley snores on her bed. Left alone, you decide it’s time to make the most of things and work on getting out.

Feeling around in the cramped space of her womb you find her closed up cervix and attempt to coax it loose enough to slip your fingers through. Much to your dismay however, this doesn’t work either so you try pushing as hard as you can on it!

“Open! OPEN DAMN IT! Let Me Out!” You mentally cry as you give it all you have, causing Ashley to groan and shift uncomfortable on her bed. Outside her belly visibly stretches and distorts with your efforts but for the most part stays mostly round thanks to her tightly stretched red dress.

Keeping up the pressure you are beginning to loose strength when you suddenly start to feel the passage give way a little! Excited at the thought of finally getting out you keep pressing until with a jarring pop you whole hand slips through!

The second it does however, Ashley lets out a loud orgasmic cry and your world starts to quake and spasm around you. Suddenly the walls contract hard, forcing you into a tight ball and you cry in terror as you are then abruptly rolled away from the exit and you hand is pulled back in.

The tight ring immediately closes up like before and in that moment you realize escape is impossible. Despite giving it your all, you're still as stuck as ever. Frustrated and angry that all your efforts did was get her off, you begin to kick and thrash about in a fit making Ashley moan and shift about even more in her sleep.

Wearing yourself out, you eventually stop and just give up. You're truly stuck and nothing you do is going to change what has happened. Your only real hope now, is to wait till Ashley wakes up in the morning and sees what she's done. Once she does, she will surly do something to get you out. At the very least, you expect that she’ll do all she can. For now though, all you can do is take uneasy comfort in the fact that her body is keeping you alive and wait till morning. Holding onto this small ray of hope, you close your eyes and try to focus on going to sleep as its all you can really do.

Accepting defeat and laying still, you feel a strong element of peacefulness begin to fill you. Listening to her slowing heart beat, you find it rather soothing and her breathing almost sounds like the breaking of waves on the ocean.

Exhausted, from all your efforts and this entire ordeal, sleep comes swiftly and you’re soon out like a light in her belly.
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