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Attractive demise - Page 124 - Female named Lisa - By Nightcrawler99 - Overview
Its been another long day of paper pushing at your dead end job and you've been looking forward to the evening to relieve some stress. With documents to sign here, and project deadlines to manage there, entertainment of any kind that relieves stress is almost like a gift from heaven at the end of the day. Checking your cellphone as you get home and undress, you see you have no new messages. You briefly contemplate calling a friend or two, to have a girls night, but stop as you remember they are both o it if town your friends are away on a vacation. Its times like this you find yourself wishing you weren't single. Weather it was a girl or guy, wouldn't really matter at this point, so as long as they looked good, had an interesting personality, and their life stile wasn't total shit.

Unfortunately, their aren't a lot of people that fit the bill around town. Feeling a pinch daring tonight though, you slip into a sexy black dress and decide to head out to have fun before it gets too much later.
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