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Attractive demise - Page 139 - What goes "kick" in the night, - By Nightcrawler99 - Overview
Thinking it best to get to bed early, Ashley slowly gets up from the couch. Arching her back when she's fully up, to stretch out the stiffness, she let out a sigh and proceeds to pick up her dinner plates and glass before waddling to the kitchen. On the way she feels an occasional light shift from her sleeping occupant but pays it no mind as she puts her dishes in the sink. Filling her glass with some more water from the fridge, she chugs it down before refiling it again and slowly making her way to her room. (Gonna be a bit rough when she wakes up and learns she's not leaving. Oh well, can't be helped. I'm not throwing all I've worked for in the trash for the sake of her freedom. I've got the end of my career to think about.) Ashley thinks, reassuring herself that this decision is the right one in order to make her dream come true. Smiling, she cradles her massive taught belly with both hands as she enters her room. Going over to her bed, she carefully strips down till she's in nothing but her panties, before pulling the covers aside and taking a heavy seat. "Mmm. Bed time..." she says with a yawn, before scooting herself back, bringing her legs up and gently laying down on her side. Pulling the covers up over herself, she lays her head on her pillow and closes her eyes. Moments later, She’s out and soundly sleeping.

Not too long after however, you awake to the darkness of Ashley’s womb and the sound of her lightly snoring.

(Oh no.. NO! You were supposed to let me out when you got home not go to bed!!!) You mentally scream at the realization of what has occurred! Not liking it in the slightest you give her a strong kick and hear her groan a little in her sleep.
(This isn’t happening! Not again! Wake up Damn it!!!) you think as you start to kick her again and again. She grunts, moans, and shifts in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. (Maybe I can force myself out now that she’s laying down!) You suddenly think. Shifting about to feel for the exit, you notice the walls of Ashley's womb have gotten a bit more restrictive than they were earlier, making it harder to maneuver. Feeling about, your slick fleshy prison, you eventually find her cervix and try to force it open. The tight picker of muscle seams to be coated in a slimy substance that makes your hand slip right off it the second you apply pressure. Ashley shudders and coos in response but still doesn't wake. Trying again, this time with a more direct and centered shove of your right fist, you feel the exit strain and your hand start to sink into it. With a good bit of work it plops through into her birth canal and Ashley lets out a gasp. Thinking you can get free you bring your other hand up and starts pushing it down through to join the other. With a bit of work it too slips through the tight ring of muscle and you start to push both your arms down and out of her womb. All the stimulation slowly rouses Ashley from her sleep and she grips her belly and starts to sit up in her bed. "NNn-W-what feels so...!!!" Ashleys eyes go wide as she feels your hands squirming around in her passage and your attempts at coming out. "N-NO!" She immediately grunts out before clenching her legs tight and trying to force a contraction to suck you back up!

"Inside, You hear Ashley blurt out "NO" and feel everything tighten! To your shock you realize she is trying to keep you from comming out and you double your efforts to push down and through! With a loud groan Ashley shudders from head to toe as she feels you descend a bit further till your fingers are poking out of her pussy. "UNN-SHIT!!!StOp-It” She cries out before bearing down harder with her muscles! All at once she feels her passage start to convulse and she bears down again to trigger a contraction as she feel you struggling to get further out! Your hands slip fully out of her pussy only to get slurped back up as her birth canal drags you back inside and the muscles of her belly role you out of the birthing position! Paniced that she is doing this to you, you kick and push about in terror as your hands are spat back into the womb and her cervix firms up to keep you contained.

OohFUCK! NNNnn, QUIT-IT! Lisa!! You missed, your chance, Earlier!!” She grunts as she sees her belly distort with the faint outline of your feet here and there before everything suddenly stops.

Hearing her call you by name is a shock and you immediate freeze up wondering how she now suddenly knows you.

“Mmmf.... you fell sleep in there! I called to you, poked at you, and shook you around but you didn’t wake up! (She lies) I can’t get you out by my self so all I could do was wait and go about the rest of my day. Now it’s past midnight and, if you remember, I have to meat with people around noon to discuss my photo shoots! It’s too damn late to do anything tonight and there’s not really enough time to do it before I leave. Getting you out means I’d have to fill my self back up to look normal and it’s a hassle so you’ll be going with me instead!” Ashley exclaims in an annoyed tone.

Hearing her words you give her closed up cervix a good kick in protest and hear her grunt in response.

“Kick all you want but my hands are tied Lisa! My life depends on this last month of shoots and I’ll be damned if I let you ruin 6 years of hard stressful commitment! You’re in MY body which mean I’m in charge here! If you want out you’ll have to wait till I have time to do it.” Ashley exclaims in a huff.
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