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Attractive demise - Page 2 - The Bar - By Wierdost - Overview
You have spent all day working at your office, a boring and stressful job under the command of an arrogant boss but finally you find yourself at the end of your day, hoping to relax by having a nice drink at the fancy bar you usually go to. You journey through the bustling city traffic and arrive their via a taxi, paying the driver and enter from the busy night street with racing crowds and into the hot light of the cool, sleek bar which at the moment was pretty empty, only a few people were here creating a calm atmosphere contrasting with the world outside. Happy with the atmosphere you continue to the bar where you order a drink and sit down on a red leather cushioned stool at the raised counter and begin relieving yourself from all the stress of the day lowering your tension. The large bars neutral colors make its seem so open and peaceful enhanced by the empty space between the few patrons. You look around at the various people attending the bar, sitting by the steel frame tables and chairs, noticing most are with company, leaving you alone but quite and relaxed.
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