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Quest for The Orb of Drul'gath - Page 1 - Quest for The Orb of Drul'gath - By LordStorm - Overview
The Lord Baron of the township of Uldasberg looked down sternly at a map of the surronding region. So much so in fact that he hardly noticed the Knight enter the room to make his report.
"M,lord!" The guard saluted. "Eh? oh Sir James it's have news then?" "Indeed M'lord the location of The Orb of Drul'gath has been found." The Lord Baron let a smile fall upon his face"Well this is wonderful news!" He said barely containing his excitement."Were is it then? He asked." the knight Sir James frowned"Thats the problem M,Lord it lies within the keep of Vasterax The Warlock King." The Lord Baron's smile suddendly matched the frown of Sir James upon haering the name."This is terrible news" He muttered."To send a large force would be an act of war...and to send a single or small group of soldiers would be suicide." Sir James nodded in agreement."To even reach Vasterax's keep would mean heading through Blightwater Swamp and the Hills of Malice. They'd have to deal with Goblins, Swamp Trolls and even fouler beasts."Sir James shook his head. The Lord Baron stared back down at the map of the region his eyes squarely set on Vasterax Keep."Do we have any options Sir James?" He asked. "Actually M'Lord"
Said Sir James with a small smirk."A group of Lady Adventeres have arrived in our fair city We could send one of them" The Lord Baron looked up, his frown quickly turning to a smile once more."Of course"He cried snapping his finger."The Goblin and Troll tribe's as well as Vasterax himself covet Female Adventurers as the fineist of delecasieis. If we send one of them and there captured then we can say that they were a gift and if they simply vanish then were no worse off then we were." The Lord Baron clicked his heels in joy."Shall I go Hire one or more to do the task then M'Lord?" "Indeed Sir James. I will leave who to your Discretion" Sir James bowed and left the room He had a Lady to find and a quest to offer her.
But who...?
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