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Survive Vore City - Page 1 - Survive Vore City - By Fenris - Overview
Before we begin who are you?

You wake up to find your self in the middle of the city, The world has turned into a dark place indeed as all around you you see poor citizens being eaten alive or cooked alive by various creatures. You must Survive this...

Playable Characters:

Mindy, 23, Bisexual, mildly chubby but still beautiful, medium length brunnete. Mindy is quite the dish and any monster would be lucky too claim her. Naturally she doesn't want that to happen.

Chris, 25, Bisexual, Chris is a dark haired man who has great survival skills, problem is he's never encountered something that wants to eat him alive...

Olya, 22, Heterosexual, of average height, a medium build, highlighting black hair, hairstyle pony tail. Olya is a delicious food for any monster, but she can survive?

Kyle: A male Naga with Blue scales, a strikingly handsome human half, long blue hair, and an unsatible appitite for human girls, Uses mind tricks, games and Hypnosis to seduce them into his belly.

Selene: A female naga mage who loves making female humans her sex slaves. Her scales are a brilliant pink and her hair matches, she is insanly beautiful even though half of her is a snake tail. She loves the taste of men, but won't sleep with them. She uses magic and hypnosis to turn women into her willing slaves and men into her next meal

Rules: Only Soft vore is allowed in terms of Vore. Cannibilsim is allowed but please keep it mild, not too many details. Same goes with sex. Please note that Chris and Mindy do not know each other (yet, but they can meet) and Kyle does not eat or have sex with men. Gay sex and Lesbianism are allowed with Chris and Mindy but Kyle is straight. Selene is a lesbian, but she loves the taste of a human male..

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