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Pokemon Vore Adventure - Page 1 - Pokemon Vore Adventure - By Pachirisu_And_Asmodeus - Overview
A few rules. No hard vore, M/M yiffing, M/M rape, cock vore, or breast vore. Any prey for dirty anal vore must be female. Any species of pokemon can be either pred or prey. Also, no humans, anthroes, or non pokemon characters allowed. Also, please have at least two choices to choose fromunless it's the end of a storyline, which only happens if you die or get trapped permanently. Here are your choices of pokemon to be. Anyone is welcome to add to this story as long as they follow those rules.

I'm getting tired of having to fix up no effort pages with hundreds of spelling mistakes, no proper anything, and no choices to make at the end, so from now on, any pages like that will be gotten rid of.
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