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Pokemon Vore Adventure - Page 2144 - Meowth is digested. (Start over) - By Drake_451 - Overview
The Glaceon makes her way back to her bed and lays down on her back, her small belly bulge exposed where she could watch it and listen. She looked on as the bulge wiggles from your movements, and listens as the usual sounds of gurgling begin. The stomach steadily fills with acids around you, causing some tingling, stinging, and occasional burning sensations. You groan and squirm inside as you're digesting, feeling the Glaceon at rest and assume she's fallen asleep which she has. The Glaceon sleeps peacefully on the outside but inside of her body is a different story. You remain aware inside of her for a while before passing out and being broken down.

Overtime her belly shrinks back close to normal and you become a layer of pudge lining her belly and butt. She promptly goes to dispose of your remains before resuming her patrols in search of more thieves. Given that you're little more than Glaceon fat now your thieving days are over.
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