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Pokemon Vore Adventure - Page 2228 - Between a maw and a soft place - By Jayezox - Overview
This idea seems so stupid, it might work. You also don't have time to think of anything else before that mountain wolf gets here. You leap straight for her backside, her beautiful backside.

Your face plunges right to her tail hole and your nose slips in a little. It smells like chesto berry with a hint of musk. The scent alone is driving you wild with lust. You also can't help but admire the warm soft surface. Come to think of it, did lust influence your decision here? It's too late to think about it now as the fluffy light blue tails collapse around you and hold you firmly in place. How are you supposed to pull off this "sneak attack" when you're stuck in her ass? You make a few motions of turning around trying to give her the hint. However, her reaction is tightening her grip on you and pulling you closer. Your entire face is now stuck in her rectum.

You try to push on her rump with your paws, but it's useless. One of your paws slips into her already wet slit, but it slips back out easily. Is she getting off on you while there's a predator on the pursuit? How dumb can she be?

You hear a familiar muffled voice that you did not want to hear, the Lycanroc's, "Hey there Kumi. Did you see a Furret nearby? I'm playing hunt with him and he's the prey." You get spun around as the tails completely lose their grip on you, leaving your body exposed to the air. The Ninetales giggles, "I caught him. He fell for this whole 'sneak attack' thing. Since you helped me and we both caught him together, why don't we play tug-o-war over him?"

Your heart sank as you realized you're going to be caught by one of these two. Soon, you feel something more wet clamping around your behind and trying to suck you in as the tails of the tricky fox pull you in the opposite direction. Their grip is firm, but they're not stretching you hard enough to hurt you. "Oh no! looks like we're in a tie" you hear Kumi say sarcastically, "looks like he might have to choose the winner."
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