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Pokemon Vore Adventure - Page 2250 - Seeing how far you can stretch -- eat him! - By anon4321 - Overview
Not wasting any time, you make your way over to his front paws and hastily begin shoving them inside your mouth, doing your best to gulp him down as fast as possible. By the time you've reached his snout, already has your Purrloin-stuffed belly doubled in size. You briefly stare into his raging red eyes before sucking in his snout, salivating over it, and slurping him further down your throat. His horn gives you a bit of trouble, but you're able to force it down your impressively-bulging esophagus regardless before dumping his head into your overstretched belly.

His shoulders go in easy thanks to already swallowing both his front legs, and you have to stretch further than you thought was possible to engulf his own belly region. Before long, you look like a malformed Pikachu balloon, with an Absol's ass sticking out of your mouth. That does not last long however, as you feel him start to squirm, you begin slowly working your way across his haunches and squishy hips. Forceful gulps ensue, nearly bringing you to tears, to force his last bits down your throat. His tail goes down easy, and as his paws come near you slather them with your tongue, then glomp down on them, sealing the Absol entirely in you body. You give one last stressful swallow, sending him down in entirety to be digested inside you.

He immediately begins thrashing inside your stomach, while your entire body lays atop your massive yellow paunch. Each struggle rocks you left and right in accordance to whatever way he kicks, until he kicks just right and you let loose a massive, bellowing Burp!, causing your belly to compress even tighter around him and the Purrloin inside, leaving him barely any room to wiggle. Thanks to this, your acids seem to become even more potent, the virulent fluids eagerly working to digest the duo inside you and transform them into pudge. However, as digestion takes its course, your stomach grows louder, making you worry the Liepard may hear the noises and show up...
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