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Pokemon Vore Adventure - Page 2400 - The big mistake - By Jayezox - Overview
Leon seems awfully quiet in there. Normally, he'd be totally humiliated, but something is definitely off. You go into the garden somewhere secluded. "What are you doing?" he finally speaks to you as you walk, "I know you and I don't get along. Why aren't you gloating or digesting me?"

You finally sit on a bench surrounded by trimmed vines. It's rarely occupied so you speak up. "I'm worried about you Leon. I don't care if you won't speak to my sister or act like you're all that. I can't sit there and watch you cry and I know you won't open up in public. So, what's up?"

"You're really going to digest me when I tell you this" he says. "It's your sister. I was a bit too harsh on her and made her run off."

"Pauline!" you exclaim, "What did you say to her? Ugh, not that it matters, we need to find her."

Pauline hasn't even evolved yet so she could be in serious trouble in the wrong place. Thankfully she is old enough to evolve so she wouldn't put herself in too much trouble.

"What I said to her is important" he says, "I called her insufferable for wanting me to play with her instead of studying or training. She ran off saying she'll beat someone in a match and show me."

"So she's challenging someone in the arena" you ponder, "you're coming with me. Her match is after yours." Running frantically, you barely make it in time for Leon's match. You can spit him out right now to buy some time or try to confront your sister now.
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