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Pokemon Vore Adventure - Page 2409 - She stops you - By Drake_451 - Overview
You stand up and turn around only to be picked up, the Lucario bringing you up to her face. "Where are you going?" She is already feeling a little better but her belly is still feeling and looking bloated. "I want to go home." You say and pout. Her belly already sounds more lively inside so digestion must have picked up. "I still intend to digest you." She said, making you look at her large belly filled with the others...and very pregnant too. She carries you under her arm and waddles away. "I will just have to send you back in later." She said. The Lucario finds another place to stop and sits down, keeping a close eye on you. For now you need to find a way to save yourself before she's finished with the others...unless you want to give in.
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