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Tyamet's Vore Adventure - Page 1 - Time To Get Started - By Tyamet2000 - Overview
Tyamet awoke with a sharp gasp, instantly sitting up and looking around. She had no idea what happened, but two things were obvious. First and foremost, she was completly naked. And second, she had no idea where she was. But somehow, she knew this was the fault of her apprentice. "...when I find out what Catalina did this time...", she muttered to herself as she stood up.

Looking around, she seemed to be inside a dense jungle, the air hot and humid. It seemed like a normal jungle, except for one major difference. There was no sound. No birds, insects, or other assourted noises that one would usually hear in a place like this. She was at the beginnings of a path, which seemed to seperate into two other paths. One lead deeper into the jungle, the other seemed to lead towards a swamp area.
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