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CaveGirl Misadventures - Page 1 - CaveGirl Misadventures - By Fenris - Overview
YOur name is Natina. You are a ravashingly Beautiful Raven-Haired cavegirl aged 18 years. You live in a savage Land that is lost to the rest of the world, where dinosaurs and monsters still roam free and Cave-people are on the food chain as well. You are accompined by your lesbian lover, Sasha, a 17 year old Red Head of amazing beauty.

You are a free spirit, slender build but with a nice bing bosom and a nice butt to match, your feet are small and dainty and you are always barefoot. You wear only a leopard skin Bikini like loincloth and "Bra". Every day you find yourself on the run from 3 kinds of beasts:

Dinosaurs, In your world they still roam free as if they;'d never died out and all kinds want you in their bellies or the belly of their children. Your main threat is a rather clever and unpredictable Tyrannosaurs Rex you have named "SharpTooth." But you also fine your self on the menu constantly for flying dinosuars and beasts of the sea as well.

Unusual Monsters, such as Blobs, Man-Eating Plants, Werewolves and other creatures also live on your island. They too want to taste your flesh and claim you as their meal..

Than there's the men. Horny cave-men, all diffrent tribes and all of them want you on their penis. Your still a virgen and do not wish to become otherwise as you enjoy your freedom and the rules of your land state that if a cave-woman/girl loses her virgenity to a man, she is his property, be it slave or wife, and she must never leave their side. What's worse is there are even some tribes that want you for supper and you'd rather not find your self roasting over a fire or boiling in a pot...

Can you survive this savage land? Or will poor Natina end up in someone's belly or impaled on a husband/slaver's Penis? You decide...

Please note this is a Soft Vore/Rape story, but I do not want any beastiality (Sorry but it disgusts me, save for with Nagas, that's ok) If you must use Hard Vore, please do not go into too much details. NO SCAT AT ALL WILL BE PERMITTED. No one really needs to know that she wound up Dino poop.
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