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Unlucky Friends - Page 1 - Unlucky Friends - By mad_hatter_plus - Overview

Jacob- A young adventurer (aged 16 or so) about to set off on the journey of a lifetime and return to his impoverished town with wealth and glory. His resolve is rivaled only by his confidence. He has daydreamed about travelling the world many times before, and is estatic about finally being able to do so.

Benevolence- An adult black dragon and one of Jacob's best friends. The two have known each other for several years. Somewhat lazy, but very kind and thoughtful, Jacob trusts Benevolence's judgement on any situation. He knows they'll have each other's backs in the journey that lies ahead.

(These are the two main characters, but many supporting characters will make an appearance, as well.)

Location: The fantastical world of Ianmear.

Rules: 1) Soft, oral vore only, and always non-fatal (i.e. no digestion). The primary focus should be on full tour vore (see vore wiki), although it needn't be the only variety used. Scat is appreciated, but not required.

2) No sexual content, please. (i.e. yiffing or intercourse).

3) All types of predators are allowed, with the exception of giants/giantesses. Also, no predatory dragons (only prey).

4) I am going to allow the page owners and myself to edit the page. However, any edits I make are final (but please feel free to correct mispellings, improper grammar, etc.) I may delete sections that are beyond edit, but I will contact the writer first. Writers, contact me via pm if you feel my editing is in err or are confused about any edits.

5) If you have a question about any of the rules, feel free to contact me via pm.

May your journey in Ianmear be a prosperous one!

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