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Thrust into a World of Vore - Page 1 - Thrust into a World of Vore - By Goddes of vamps666 - Overview
Thrust into a world of vore these teens will have to deal with all kinds of vore. All is allowed you can create your own charecters that is fine, but can only kill other charecers with permission from creator. Killing your own is fine.


Alexis-14. A snobby slutty girl with A cup breasts and mousy hair with an extreamly skinny frame. She has a fear of spiders and dresses very slutty and teases all the time.

Emma-15. A girl of Irish decent, very pale skin and red curly hair with freckles and large C-cup breasts and light pink nipples. She has a dream of being taken and sucked dry by a vampire.

Owen-13. Emma's brother who spies on her and dresses in her bra and panties. Very creepy and obnoxious he has a fear of snakes and water.

Lucy-14. A bookwormish girl with brunette hair who reads scifi books. B cup breasts and skinny frame she has wet dreams of aliens probing her.

Corey-16. A poor kid who is very violent and likes to sleep with young girls. He has a fear of being eaten alive and lashes out at everyone.

Those are the charecters feel free to create your own, all types of vore and sex are allowed soft vore hard vore unbirthing poop whatever your desire you may live it.

Remember the rules please, enjoy!
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