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Just Another Ignored Interactive - Page 6 - Page detailing her swallowing you slowly. - By SomeGuy1294 - Overview

The naga looks at you and smiles serenly. "Welcome."

You scratch you head, confused. "What? But... I thought this story was just a joke."

"It was," says the naga, "But your arrival here has triggered a shift in the fabric of this universe, allowing it to rise above the simple mockery it once was."

"But... how did I get here?"

"Another god has helped to open a dimmension that was meant to remain closed."


The Naga shrugs politely. "Bordeom, perhaps. Or perhaps to bring beauty where none existed, where none was expected."

"Isn't that a waste of effort?"

"Who are you or I to say? We are but mortals."

Suddenly, you realize that while you were talking, the Naga wrapped her tail around your ankles, preventing you from running. Suddenly, she whips your feet out from under you and stuffs them into her gaping mouth. Her hot, wet tongue tickles you bare feet and pulls you deeper. You try to escape, but her tail binds your arms and squeezes the breath out of you, so that you can only squirm helplessly as more and more of you disappears into the Naga's mouth. As her lips rise up over you neck, she pauses to lick your cheek, then swallows hard. Your entire body slides into the steaming tomb of the Naga's stomach.

As the Naga's blazing acid rips away your skin and you begin to pass out from lack of oxygen, you suddenly feel oddly satisfied.

The Naga rubs her swolen tummmy and smiles. "We did it, Baby. We beat them."
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